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Hey Guys,

So if you noticed that I've been a bit quiet on Twitter this week, this is why. This week we were invited to attend an amazing red carpet event in London (more on that in my next post). As we had a bit of downtime in the city we decided to do a bit of exploring.

We actually walked from our hotel in Waterloo round Westminster (the journey seems a lot shorter when you're not wearing heels!). I've seen the less touristy bits of London but have never visited the tourist traps, whereas Adam has done the opposite so we swapped notes and made our own tour. 

We started walking in the general direction of the London eye, and actually ended up at County Hall before we got there, but it's such an amazing building that I had to take a photo! I did go inside as there was signs for an art exhibition, but was swiftly told by the guard that it had ended, and was shown the door (oops...)

We then walked down to the eye, more for photos than to go on it, which is just as well because when we got there it was actually shut! (wouldn't have seen that coming). It was really nice to walk along South Bank though - it was sunny, hot, and a busker was singing so it was super chilled and just what I needed after a stressful week.

After a (what felt like a very long) walk, we decided to go to another part of London, but had to take the touristy route Westminster tube. We actually walked the long way around and walked down past the houses of parliament (I'm laughing to myself as I write this - look out for the vlog of our trip and you'll understand). I'm ashamed to say, despite travelling in and out of London for almost 5 years now, I've never actually been this close to Big Ben or the houses of parliament and have never seen Westminster Abbey so all of this was horrendously exciting for me (and especially for post-cocktails Becky - sorry if you saw my Snapchat!!).

After our walk through Westminster, it was time to show Adam "my London" so it was off to London Bridge station (which by the way, TfL have completely butchered!). I love how I walk out of the tube station and I'm always surprised to be at the bottom of the Shard, despite this being one of my favourite areas of London.

They're doing works in London Bridge right now, so I would say 100% avoid - I've been here so much, but with all of the redirects I actually managed to get lost. Once we'd ignored the TfL staff and got Maps up on my phone, we made our way to Borough Market for a late lunch. I feel like so much of central is devoted to tourists, and it's one of the best bits of London that's somehow gone unnoticed. If you want somewhere that isn't rammed with tourists, an outer-suburbs atmosphere and great multicultural street food that won't break the bank I would 100% recommend visiting - I would also suggest trying the Ethiopian stand as it's probably some of my favourite food to eat at Borough Market and is only £4.90 for a portion that is way too much for one person.

It was actually really strange being in London and not having to rush around with loads of things to do and places to be. I don't think we really made the most of being in London for two days as we had the gala on Thursday which I had to get ready for, and Friday let's just say I wasn't feeling too well (we didn't actually leave the hotel until 1pm!!), but it was nice to be in London and not get caught up in the atmosphere of everything needing to be done at double speed all the time.

On a side note - look at the amazing view we had from our hotel room! We stayed in Hampton by Hilton in Waterloo and I honestly can't recommend it enough. The staff were amazing, took photos of us together before we went out, gave us directions to the nearest takeaway at 2am and even gave us an extra hour to check out as I was "ill".

Look forward to seeing some of the ridiculous antics that bloggers get up to when free cocktails are about in the next post (extra posts this week - it'll be up in two days time!!) 

We really want to visit London again soon, so let me know your favourite areas in the comments below!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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