Carat London - Worth the Price Tag?

Is Carat London Worth the Money? I put one of their pieces to the test to find out!

When you’re purchasing an investment piece of jewellery you need to be sure that it ticks all of the boxes. High quality and built to last are two pre-requisites when it comes to investing in a higher end item. Everyone’s priorities differ, but for many people (myself included) higher end jewellery needs to have a sense of timelessness. If I’m investing a few hundred pounds in one item, it needs to be built to last and go with most outfits - especially when I’m travelling as I prefer to only bring one or two items!

Rotterdam in One Day - The Best Itinerary for 24 Hours in Rotterdam, Netherlands

the view across Rotterdam city centre from Euromast

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Rotterdam

It's no secret that Rotterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. As a port day on a cruise ship, you're presented with a wealth of opportunities to explore either Rotterdam or further afield. One of the most popular choices for a port day usually involves a day trip to Amsterdam, but I've known someone be left behind on more than one occasion because of traffic or trains, so I prefer to spend the day exploring Rotterdam instead. Rotterdam is a city packed full of arts and culture - it's got a huge foodie scene, a wealth of different museums and galleries, and more independent shops than you could possibly hope to visit in a single day. If you're not sure where to start, try this itinerary for a day spent in Rotterdam - perfect for a port day on a cruise ship or a mini break where you've flown into the city. 

Meet the Sleepy Wiltshire Village that Instagram Destroyed

Castle Combe in Wiltshire - one of the villages most famous for overtourism
Castle Combe was a sleepy village in Wiltshire, until a few Instagrammers showed up

Hey Owlets,

After decades of marketing agencies vying for the attention of tourists across the globe, cheap flights and now the power of social media, the days of countries frantically advertising their homeland as a holiday destination are now over for many. In their place sit tourist taxes, “destination management” offices (the new-fangled term for marketing agencies that encourage tourists OUT of their city) and often unfriendly locals. While we’ve been hearing about over-tourism and the dangers around it for years, it feels even more prominent in the post-covid travel boom.

How to Spend a Weekend in Bristol, UK on a Budget

Bristol harbourside in the city centre on a sunny day. The ideal place to visit when you're in Bristol
Bristol Habourside

Hey Owlets,

Just like everything else, travelling is getting more expensive. The same budget that used to stretch to a week long trip, a few long weekends or a last minute cruise is now stretched during just one trip - especially if you’re exploring a big city like Bristol. I love my hometown but it has a reputation for being pricey, and while that’s not miles away from the truth a trip to Bristol doesn’t have to cost the Earth. There are plenty of ways that you can visit Bristol on a budget and still make the most out of your trip to the city.

How to Travel With Dietary Issues

Gluten Free Icecream cone abroad

Hey Owlets,

I feel like as British people what to eat on holiday is somewhat a point of contention. As a nation we have a bit of a bad reputation for knowing what we like and sticking with it; there’s obviously a reason why there’s so many McDonalds’ restaurants in tourist hotspots around the world. However, if you’re one of those people that struggles with food allergies then eating anything abroad can feel incredibly daunting, even if you stick to the typical bland foods. As a travel obsessive I’ve always been one of those people that likes to visit new places and try to local cuisine. 

Two years ago I discovered that the reason I’ve always been ill growing up was due to a gluten intolerance, and a big part of my holiday suddenly because a minefield; when I was on a cruise it was just easier to eat on the ship in the morning then skip lunch or just bring my own snacks, which meant I missed out on one of the best ways to experience local culture. Since finding out I can’t eat gluten I’ve started to get more confident in trying to experience local cuisines, so I wanted to share my experiences in the most visited countries, as well as share some tips that could help you on your next holiday. Obviously my experiences are all going to be from someone who doesn’t eat gluten, but I’ll try to mention what I’ve noticed of other allergens too.