Review: Pretty Woman the Musical at Bristol Hippodrome

The Pretty Woman theatre programme with the red and gold Bristol Hippodrome theatre as the backdrop

Hey Owlets,

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I was back at the beautiful Bristol Hippodrome this week.

Pretty Woman, the tale of.... let's be honest, I don't need to tell you! The iconic film is the universal rom-com that everyone's seen, and now it's been given a musical makeover and sent on tour.  I was lucky enough to be given tickets for the opening night, and what I watched surprised me.

I don't usually like to look at reviews before I see a show myself, but I couldn't get my head around how this film could be turned into a musical and hoped they'd shed some light. What I found was a wall of 1 star and 5 star reviews with nothing in between - the true marmite of musicals. I was a little concerned, but I don't take things too seriously and prefer to make my own mind up.

Maximising TV Reception in Bad Weather

Maximising TV Reception in Bad Weather: Aerial Installation Tips

Television is a cornerstone of entertainment and information for many households across the UK. However, adverse weather conditions can often wreak havoc on TV reception, leading to frustrating interruptions in viewing. From heavy rain and wind to snow and thunderstorms, various weather phenomena can impact the quality of TV signals. In this article, we will explore how to maximize TV reception in bad weather through effective aerial installation tips, ensuring uninterrupted viewing pleasure for UK households.

5 ways to add knitwear to your wardrobe this Autumn

If you’ve been closely following the trends online or in fashion magazines, you know that knitwear is increasingly popular. With many celebrities wearing chunky knitted pieces, colorful or bold patterned ones, the internet went crazy for these high quality and impressive garments. But if you want to hop on this trend, but don’t know where to start, this article will help you out. Styling your knitwear depends on the type that you choose and your personal style. So we’ve put together a list of styles that might work for you, and found out a way to incorporate knitwear into your wardrobe. Read along and get ready for your fashionable knitted moment. 

5 Unmissable Destinations for a UK Road Trip

Plus size blogger The Owlet in South Wales, UK

Hey Owlets, 

Now that the world has returned to (somewhat) normal, a lot of people are choosing to leave the country in search of sunshine and new surroundings. I'm definitely guilty of this, having fallen in love with Sweden earlier in the year, but I don't think that we should be forgetting the incredible wealth of beautiful destinations that we have on our own doorstep. I grew up holidaying in the UK and loved it.

How to Spend a Weekend in Bristol, UK on a Budget

Bristol harbourside in the city centre on a sunny day. The ideal place to visit when you're in Bristol
Bristol Habourside

Hey Owlets,
Just like everything else, travelling is getting more expensive. The same budget that used to stretch to a week long trip, a few long weekends or a last minute cruise is now stretched during just one trip - especially if you’re exploring a big city like Bristol. I love my hometown but it has a reputation for being pricey, and while that’s not miles away from the truth a trip to Bristol doesn’t have to cost the Earth. There are plenty of ways that you can visit Bristol on a budget and still make the most out of your trip to the city.

Moxy, Chester - A Really Honest Review

Chester Cathedral gardens and historic shops

Hey Owlets,

I know that as a travel blogger I should be excited to try a new brand, and I always am. Am I sometimes a little reluctant to try these new brands? If we’re being totally honest then yes. The whole “once bitten, twice shy” thing definitely applies here, and after a few less-than-great experiences with “millennial-focused” brands I tend to stay clear and wait for someone else to review them first. So when Moxy brought their playful nature and cheeky branding to the UK hotel industry I’ll admit that I was a little slow on the uptake. Having said this, when I was invited to visit Moxy’s Chester location the pages of positive reviews on Trip Advisor filled me with cautious optimism. So, is Moxy the one brand that’s popular with millennials and more than just a gimmick?

Meet the Sleepy Wiltshire Village that Instagram Destroyed

Castle Combe in Wiltshire - one of the villages most famous for overtourism
Castle Combe was a sleepy village in Wiltshire, until a few Instagrammers showed up

Hey Owlets,

After decades of marketing agencies vying for the attention of tourists across the globe, cheap flights and now the power of social media, the days of countries frantically advertising their homeland as a holiday destination are now over for many. In their place sit tourist taxes, “destination management” offices (the new-fangled term for marketing agencies that encourage tourists OUT of their city) and often unfriendly locals. While we’ve been hearing about over-tourism and the dangers around it for years, it feels even more prominent in the post-covid travel boom.

Lands End Clothing Review: Is it Worth it?

Lands End Clothing Review
Article created in collaboration with Lands End, but my review is 100% honest

Hey Owlets,

In the last few months I’ve seen Lands End Clothing popping up across in pretty much every corner of the internet. I’m not sure if they’re exploding in popularity at the moment or it’s just that effect where you see a brand once then suddenly notice them everywhere. Either way, if I’m noticing them everywhere then you probably are too so I wanted to save your money and test them out for myself. Lands End kindly offered to send me a few items of clothing, but I’ve made it clear that really honest reviews are my speciality. So with that in mind, let’s get started!