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Plus size blogger infront of Westminster Abbey in London

Hey guys!!

I'm so excited to talk to you about the main reason I was in London last week - the GoGlamGala! The gala was to promote GoSend, which is an international shipping company that helps you get products from companies that don't ship to your country, or want to charge ridiculous amounts for shipping. Anyway, I never need an excuse for a pretty dress and a good party so I thought I'd take you along.

We stepped out to get some air and as we were in probably one of the best locations I've ever seen, it would've been rude not to. Okay it took some time to get on and off the wall (can you tell I don't normally wear heels?) but I think I have the best background for an outfit picture ever - very lucky girly right now!! 

Follow Me To: #GoGlamGala

I think the issue is that when everyone is dressed up it's easy to berate yourself (something I'll talk about in a future post) so I felt a bit like the fat girl in the corner, but I decided if you're going to be the odd one out it might as well be for something other than being awkward, so we took to (and took over) the dance floor with some of the lovely bloggers who I've gotten to be friends with through Twitter over the last few months. I think it's a case of fake it til you make it confidence wise, but it worked well for me.

Despite feeling really awkward in the beginning I had such a good night! The only thing I regret is that there were some amazing brands there that I didn't get chance to chat to, but the evening went by so fast that I just ran out of time.

One of the things that made my night for me is that at the start I felt like the odd one out, but over the course of the evening I had so many people come up to me who read The Owlet, and even a few people who asked to take a photo together (seriously, chatting to you lot made my night!).

I think if I was going to sum up the evening in one picture it would be this screenshot from my vlog footage. I don't even know what's going on here, but it made me laugh and hopefully will do you too (feel free to make a meme out of this).

Love and Feathers,
 The Owlet 💜

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