Thursday, 2 August 2018

Surviving a Body Confidence Crash

how to be more body confident body positivity plus size fashion blogger

Hey Owlets,

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I think affects a lot of us from time to time - a body confidence crash. I actually struggled with this when I was in Birmingham a few weeks ago,  after I attended an event where I felt like I was being judged purely on my weight, and someone on Twitter asked me how I dealt with it, so what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t make a post out of it?

Thursday, 26 July 2018

UK Swimwear: The Skirtini

The Following is a Paid Advertorial from UK Swimwear:

Skirtini – The Most Interesting Swimwear Out There
Why you need to try out the Skirtini today!
Swim dresses, also known as skirted swimsuits, are the fastest growing sector of the swimwear and beachwear industries. This garment is essentially a conventional swimsuit with a miniature decorative skirt fitted into the design.
UK Swimwear Skirtini Plus Size Swimwear
According to UK Swimwear, the bestselling brand in their range is Gottex. This is also one of the few brands with a wide range of skirted swimsuits, swimsuits and bikinis.

In the year 2017, the third bestselling Gottex design was a swim dress. Their range has only three or four swim dresses out of a variety of several hundred designs, meaning these are disproportionately popular.

Measuring outside of Gottex and a handful of other fashion houses is difficult, as so few brands design this type of swimwear. However, inside those that do, a similar trend is emerging.

The agency that sells Gottex in the UK also confirmed for UK Swimwear that that range was expanding due to popularity, but interesting because it is popular in the US and less so in the UK. In particular, the skirted tankini is the most popular; however, the swim dress is the fastest growing and will soon outsell all other types of swimwear that are not swimsuits and bikinis.
The reason for the popularity is simply that swim dresses are very flattering and very eye catching at the same time. Some of the swim dresses that have longer skirts are very flattering for curvy women and can cover up blemishes too. Alternatively, if you are wearing them for style reasons, the little skirt can grab your attention as you walk, and this is always a favourite attribute with customers.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Lunch at Lost & Found, Bristol: A Review

The Lost and Found Elizabeth E Lightfoot Food Cocktails Review Bristol Clifton Food Travel Blogger
Hey Owlets,

Today I'm back with another restaurant review and it's quite a bitter-sweet one if I'm honest, as today's foodie trip was a bit of a tale of two halves. Lost and Found opened on Clifton Triangle a few months ago and I was invited to try it out.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

June in Pictures

Visit Bath Royal Crescent Press Trip plus size fashion travel blogger

Hey Owlets,

I genuinely can't believe I'm writing my June in pictures and it's already half way through July. Someone told me to make the most of everyday because it goes so quickly as you get older, but I didn't expect to blink in March and open my eyes in July; I genuinely don't know where the time's gone! I'm kind of conscious that the last two months have had some amazing parts to them but also I've been at home a lot doing admin, so I'm determined to fix that over the months to come - I don't want to be one of those people that spends their entire life working rather than out exploring, plus I don't feel like this Month In Pictures is nearly as jam-packed as previous posts.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Follow Me To: 48 Hours in Bath

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Hey Owlets,

Today I'm back to share more of my travels with you and this time I want to do something a little different; I'm going to show you everything I did, but it's going to be more of an itinerary that you can use if you stay in Bath overnight. I'm lucky to live in a place that's very well connected so I'm used to popping to Bath for a few hours here and there and I thought I knew the city pretty well, but Visit Bath showed me some things in Bath that I never would've known existed, as well as some old favourites too.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Bar + Block, Birmingham Review

Bar and Block Steakhouse Restaurant Waterloo Street Birmingham Gluten Free Food Review

Hey Owlets,

I'm back with another restaurant review, and this may actually be one of the last for a little while. I feel like I've been flooding you with them recently and I have so much going on over the next month or so that I don't have time to go out for a meal! Today's review comes from a little further north than the last one, just off of Cathedral Square in central Birmingham.

I realise the first photo may not seem particularly relevant, but as soon as you walk into the restaurant you realise that it's an Instagrammer's paradise, in fact the manager had to stand there for a minute waiting to show us to our table as we took a photo of the sign.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

What I Wore to Common People: Plus Size Festival Lookbook

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

Hey Owlets,

If you remember last month I was lucky enough to be invited to Common People Festival. One of the the things I struggled with most was trying to decide what to wear. If you search festival fashion it brings up hundreds of photos of skinny girls in over the top outfits and it really stressed me out, when I was already nervous about being at my first festival. So I thought it was time that we change that - here's what I wore to Common People.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

May in Pictures

Barn Owl Centre Review Owl Flying Bristol Gloucester

Hey Owlets,

I've not done one of these posts in ages, but in all honesty I haven't had a month that's been worth doing an "in pictures" post about until now. The first few months of the year are always quiet. It's hopefully been worth the wait though because not only is May a special month for me, but it's also been so busy that I needed a duvet day by the time we got to June!