Friday, 8 June 2018

A New Summer Menu - Cosy Club Bristol Review

Cosy Club Review Where To Eat in Bristol

Hey Owlets,

I feel like I've been very heavy (pun intended) on the food content recently, but I've had the opportunity to visit some incredible places, and I had a few messages saying you enjoyed seeing my recommendations for where to eat when you visit Bristol/Birmingham, so your wish is my command!

Today's venue wins the award for the prettiest place ever! Cosy Club occupies the shell of an old bank on Corn Street and it's been restored beautifully - this is probably the closest you can ever get to eating brunch in a cathedral, and it's amazing.  The restaurant feels like it belongs in the building, with its decor and menus all echoing the gorgeous 1930s art deco style.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Follow Me To: Common People Festival with Snazaroo

Common People Oxford Review Snazaroo Face Paint Bristol Plus Size Fashion Blogger

Hey Owlets,

I've been really lucky to get to do some amazing things with my blog, but a few weeks ago I got an email from Snazaroo that, for a second, I honestly thought they'd sent to the wrong person. So last week when I boarded the train to Oxford, I was still feeling like I needed you to pinch me.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Follow Me To: My 22nd Birthday!

Bristol Plus Size Fashion Blogger Mental Health Personal Growth Travel

Hey Owlets,

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22..... sorry, had to do that!
I originally wasn't planning to do a birthday post this year, but I ended up having such a great time that I really wanted to share it with you. So here we go - here's what I got up to for my 22nd birthday (and pretty much a week around that).

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Dinner with a View: Salt and Malt, Chew Valley Review

Salt and Malt Chew Valley Review where to eat bristol restaurants

Hey Owlets,

Living in Bristol for two decades, you'd think I would've found everything there is to see, but when I was invited for dinner on the bank of Chew Valley Lake, my first response was "there's a lake near the airport?" Salt and Malt is a small restaurant and takeaway less than an hour's drive from Bristol city centre, offering dinner with an incredible view. Unfortunately it's one of the few places that you can't get to without a car, but if you can drive it's worth the trip.

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Difference a Year Makes

22 twenty two growing up travel anxiety advice

Hey Owlets,

It's my birthday!!

 As this is now the third birthday I’ve celebrated with you, I wanted to do something a little different. For my 20th birthday I did 20 Things I Learnt at 20, at 21 I did a Follow Me to and set myself some goals. 

This year I turn 22 and although being 21 hasn’t been the easiest, it’s been one of the most important years of my life. On my 21st birthday one of my older friends told me that being 21 was a great year and that I should treasure it, but I never expected just how true that would be. So this year I’m choosing to look back - not at what I’ve learnt or what Ive done as on previous birthdays, but how I’ve grown.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

100 Things To Do in Bristol Without a Car

100 Things to Do in Bristol without a car Days Out for Families

Hey Owlets,

The rain has gotten warmer, so it must be heading towards Summer! I love exploring a city, but one issue I come across time and again is being able to fully experience somewhere without a car. I love Bristol, but a lot of the more well known places don't have public transport links. So, here are 100 things to do in and around the city that you don't need a car to get to.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

How to Survive A Deadline

How To Survive a Deadline Motivation Productivity Tools for University Students

Hey Owlets,

If you’ve been a long time follower of my blog, you’ll know that I went from happy to miserable to happy again in the time that I’ve been documenting my life online. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is how to look after my mental health. When I was younger I had a tendency to run myself into the ground when I had a lot of things on my to do list and I’d end up a stressed out mess that got nothing done. Since deadline season is coming up, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to stay mentally healthy when you’ve got a lot to do.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Follow Me To Spain in Wales: April Feria

Spanish Festivals Tramshed Cardiff Wales UK Arpil Feria Travel Blogger

Hey Owlets!

I don’t think I’ve done a “Follow Me To” post since I went to France in January, but the rain is getting warmer and my schedule is filling up so we must be getting towards summer! Today I wanted to take you to an event that I’ve never actually been to before.