Friday, 8 September 2017

Dear Network Marketers: Please Stop

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If you use LinkedIn or Facebook then you’ll probably be just as frustrated by the number of spam/marketing messages you get every day, telling you about their wonderful product that you can’t possibly live without (which you’ve survived perfectly fine without until they crawled into your inbox). They’re irritating but on the whole they’re a mild annoyance that you just ignore as you get on with your day - apart from this week. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Follow Me To: Birmingham & Las Iguanas

Brindley Place Pitcher and Piano Birmingham Canal Birmingham Blogger

Morning Owlets,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently - things have been so busy that I've not had chance to sit down and chat to you on anything other than social media. I thought today we could have a bit of a catch up and do another "Follow Me To" post. I stopped doing these because I felt like it was getting boring when I was always going to Birmingham and doing the same things (I know, I'm a bit of a creature of habit) but I promise today I actually did something different.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Summer Outfit Favourites: My Top 3

Thornbury Castle 21st Birthday Celebration Afternoon Tea Plus Size Summer Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Hey Owlets,

I can't believe it's nearly September! I feel like every year someone pipes up and says "This year has gone so fast" but this time it's me saying that. I honestly don't know where the time has gone - it still feels like we're in July but instead we've already had the balloon fiesta, my birthday is long gone, I've graduated uni and everyone is harping on about how excited they are for Autumn. To be honest I absolutely love summer so I intend to hold on for it as long as possible, and what better to way than to look at all of the outfits you're sick of seeing on my social media? I think it's pretty evident that I had a few favourite pieces this season, so I thought it might be nice to have a run through my summer style.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Bicester Village: Pretty Woman for the Modern Age

Bright Red Hair Feeling Thoughtful in Cheltenham Montpellier England

As plus size women in 2017 we’re pretty remarkable - curves are cool and we have role models to remind us daily that we can do anything, regardless of the number on the label. But one of the things that still strikes fear into the hearts of many a larger lady is going shopping in “normal people territory”. 

You know the scene in Pretty Woman where she walks into a shop and the assistants tell her that nothing in the shop will fit her? If you don’t know it, I’ll link it but that’s pretty much what happened to me when I visited Bicester Village at the weekend. 

Bicester Village is an outlet shopping centre that carries more high end brands than your normal outlet, like Dior, Celine and Gucci. It’s long been held as the holy land of fashion, where no blogger could take themselves seriously if they’ve not made the pilgrimage at least once. So, of course, I had to go on the way home from visiting family in Milton Keynes but perhaps I should’ve taken note of the fact that all these bloggers excitedly singing the centre’s praises were not my demographic.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

July in Pictures

Bristol Zoo Flamingo Enclosure After Hours

Hey Owlets,

I tried a new style of post last month with my June in Pictures post, and it had so much good feedback I thought I'd do my July in pictures too - even if it is a little later than anticipated.

We start off the month with a trip to Bristol Zoo after hours which was absolutely amazing! The lovely people at Bristol Zoo invited us for dinner and a private tour after the zoo had closed to celebrate their restaurant refurbishment and their twilight evenings at the zoo. The food was amazing and it was so cool to see all the animals in a more peaceful setting, check out the post for more details.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Why I Think Chloe Bags are Overrated

If you’ve been reading The Owlet for a while you’ll know that I might not have the bank balance for it, but I definitely have the taste for luxury. There’s a long running discussion in my house where Dad says he would always rather save for a luxury watch, which is when I point out that you can’t use a watch to carry your belongings, so I think it’s pretty clear to see where I get my designer penchant from.

If you don’t know who Chloe is, they’re a mid-range designer most well known for their luxury bags. They seem to have exploded onto the scene from nowhere over the last few years despite the fact that they were actually founded in 1952, with See by Chloe’s ready-to-wear (i.e. off the shelf purchases) line being added to the brand in 2001.

Monday, 31 July 2017

New Video: Blogger Mail Unboxing

Hi Loves,

Today there's new content over on my YouTube channel. A few weeks ago I visited Christmas in July Festival in London which is hands down one of the most amazing blog events I've been to recently. I had a few people ask me to do a haul of what I was given at the festival, but I had a few other bits I wanted to feature so I turned it into an unboxing video.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Follow Me To: SS Great Britain Summer Party

Hey Owlets,

I've been very lucky with what I've been up to recently so I have another Follow Me To post for you today. I'm fortunate that I get to travel the country, but Bristol is hands down my favourite city, especially around the harbour, so when I was invited to SS Great Britain's summer launch party I couldn't wait.

When we walked in there were drinks and nibbles to help yourself to. We kind of weren't sure what to expect so grabbed a drink and sat down. A few minutes later, they announced that a band would be playing, called The Lounge Cat Ideals. I tend to be a bit resistant to change in my playlists - I like the bands I like and that's it but they were amazing! Only four local bands have ever made it into my playlist, and The Lounge Cat Ideals may well be number five. Also have to give them extra points as half way through a song, the guy in the back's guitar strap broke and he not only caught the guitar but also managed to reattach the strap all while continuing to play. That's some serious talent.