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Christmas is one of the best times of year - there’s so much to get excited about - but aside from the festivities, Winter is cold, dark and grey. One of the things that I’ve tried to work on is creating that cosy Christmas feeling throughout the whole of Winter, even when the decorations come down. So, if you’re one of those people that only feel cosy at Christmas, here’s how to make Christmas last the whole of Winter (sadly without the time off!).

Change up your colour palette

I personally try to keep our home fairly neutral so that it works for all seasons - we have our pops of colour like the yellow sofa but we keep the walls white and the rest of our furniture black, white or natural wooden tones. This makes it easier to do small changes that make a big difference. In the summer we have some flowers on the table and we swap the blanket on the sofa for a light throw for decoration. In Winter the non-seasonal tones of our main decor and furniture pieces make it easy to swap into more of a wintery mood. Opt for a combination of emerald greens, dark blues, deep reds and cream or tan neutrals. You can implement these colours very simply by swapping cushion covers, placing a thick blanket on a sofa or chair, or even changing your curtains if you want to go all out (The Snug Co has some great options at the moment).

Think about texture

In my opinion, texture is a highly underrated way to make a home feel cosier. I usually associate summer with loose, open weave fabrics - even my throw for my sofa is loose weave - that let the heat escape or provide very minimal warmth for the evening.  In winter we want to be cosy, so opting for the total opposite of open weaves will create the cosy home feel. I swapped our open weave throw for a cosy fleece blanket, swapped the cushion covers to be more of a fleece material and swapped some of the brightly coloured decor for deeper tones that gave the room added warmth. It’s a trick of the eye in all fairness, but it really works.

Switch up your lighting

The reason why so many people love Himalayan salt lamps is because of the warm glow that they emit. The soft orange light is comforting and makes you feel warm even if the temperature of the room itself isn’t. This is also why we love fairy lights in winter - it’s a softer light that better suits the dark nights. Instead of using the overhead lights in your lounge, add a lamp and use this for light in the evening so it’s softer on your eyes, and of course fairy lights are a must!

These three tips might seem small but it can make a huge difference to how you feel. Simply changing your surroundings will be the refresh that you need, but changing it to feel more season appropriate will massively help if you deal with “winter blues”. One final note is simply to look after yourself, be kind to your mental health and to turn the heating on if you need it.

Love and Feathers, 
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