Sunday, 10 July 2016

Why Are Mermaids So Massive?

You've seen the shell bags and repetitive "25 things every mermaid needs" lists on Buzzfeed, your Instagram is full of shells and the shops are full of shiny things, but where the hell did the sudden obsession with mermaids come from? That question has been driving me mad for quite a while so I decided to investigate.

In 2014 the Daily Mail ran an article about the yet-to-be-a-trend "mermaid fitness classes". This is where regular land-dwellers can wriggle into a scuba mermaid tail and try not to drown while working out and (attempt to) look majestic while doing so. However, it wasn't until the Huffington Post caught onto it in Summer 2015 that the internet blew up and the whole world went mermaid mad. 

Seriously - what would we do without Buzzfeed and the Huff to tell us what we should and shouldn't like?

From there just watch as the internet and all your favourite shopping outlets blew up, producing everything and anything mermaid related. Even Christian jumped on the bandwagon with a mermaidy pair of loubs, just in case you've got a spare £1500 burning a hole in your pocket.

(P.S. Everything will be linked down below in case you can't live without something on here. Sorry, not sorry.)

One trend that's appeared on the side of all the mermaid related madness is that anything iridescent is cool (not that it's ever not been cool in my book, but that's just me!). If you're wanting a more subtle nod to your mer-folk obsession, the internet has everything from clutch bags to coffee cups covered in the shiny-scale like appearance and, if you have over £3000 spare, even Chanel jumped on the holographic bandwagon. You're welcome.

So if you've been a closet Disney fan your entire adult life, rejoice. Your childhood is officially trendy again! Along with the entire 90s, chokers, dodgy grey lipstick.... well at least the mermaid trend is pretty.

What's your favourite trend around at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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