Why I Think Chloe Bags are Overrated

Designer handbags Luxury Fahsion Why I think Chloe bags are over rated

If you’ve been reading The Owlet for a while you’ll know that I might not have the bank balance for it, but I definitely have the taste for luxury. There’s a long running discussion in my house where Dad says he would always rather save for a luxury watch, which is when I point out that you can’t use a watch to carry your belongings, so I think it’s pretty clear to see where I get my designer penchant from.

If you don’t know who Chloe is, they’re a mid-range designer most well known for their luxury bags. They seem to have exploded onto the scene from nowhere over the last few years despite the fact that they were actually founded in 1952, with See by Chloe’s ready-to-wear (i.e. off the shelf purchases) line being added to the brand in 2001.

Designer handbags Luxury Fahsion Why I think Chloe bags are over rated

If you look at Wikipedia, it blames the likes of Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz for the brand’s success, but I’m guessing this was written by a fashion-blogger foe, because for as long as there’s been fashion bloggers around there’s been people that think they’re ruining the industry.  For the last few years, there seems to be at least one bag that sells out every season and that always seems to originate with it being seen on the most well known influencers.

So, why I think they’re over rated.

If you are one of the lucky few that can afford a new handbag like a cup of coffee then great. But for the mainstream consumer, luxury bags have always been something to save and strive for and buy once in a full moon. 

Designer handbags Luxury Fahsion Why I think Chloe bags are over rated
Chloe Drew Bag (Photo: Pinterest)
Chloe is a brand that are incredibly well known for their trend pieces, and are very good at building hype so that everyone thinks they need them. But Chloe bags are exactly that - trend pieces.The Chloe Drew bag has become iconic recently, and I think that if you’ve invested in one then you’re going to be on trend for a few years but shaped bags have a history of dying out, and even though it’s not quite the Dior saddle bag (if you don’t remember that, look it up and laugh) but it’s still a shape that has the potential to look very dated further down the line. 

Talking of shaped bags, let me get onto my biggest bugbear - the Chloe Nile bag. If you’ve not seen it on just about every major fashion blogger out there, it’s the bag that has the giant metal hoop instead of a short handle. Yes it’s on-trend now but let me be honest- it looks ridiculous. Right now it’s cool to be seen with a bag that looks like you’ve gotten a giant earring stuck to it but give it a few years and I think we’ll be looking back and laughing that anyone felt that it was a must have accessory. 
Designer handbags Luxury Fahsion Why I think Chloe bags are over rated
Chloe Nile Bag (Photo: Pinterest)

If you feel like you absolutely have to have a Chloe bag, then I’d suggest that the Faye is the most timeless of all the designs - it has the look of a classic bag, but at £1280 it doesn’t come cheap and I really don’t think you’re paying for the quality. Personally, the Faye bag isn’t to my taste because I do prefer something more structured, but when I saw the Chloe stand in Harrods earlier this year, I was surprised at how delicate the leather felt, and not in a good way. I’ve heard multiple bloggers complain of how easily the bag can be scratched, both on the leather and on the suede, and probably just as many have said how quickly the bag has begun to show it’s age with wear and tear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice bag, just as long as you don’t intend to use it.
Designer handbags Luxury Fahsion Why I think Chloe bags are over rated
Chloe Faye Bag (Photo: Pinterest)
There we are - rant over. I feel like this is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion but I’d love to see someone carrying something that doesn’t come with a giant bracelet attached. Now can we please all get over this ridiculous fad and go back to our obsessions over the timeless classics like Chanel and Mulberry? 


Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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