My Potential Plans for 2021

*Update: this article was written in December 2020 when travel felt like a possibility in Spring/Summer 2021. Since then the number of cases of COVID and deaths have sadly spirallded out of control. Obviously these plans won't be going ahead unless entirely safe to do so but I wanted to leave it published for you to enjoy daydreaming with me.

Hey Owlets,

I almost don’t know if I want to write this article. As you can see from the title I’m discussing potential travel plans for this year, and after the mess of 2020 it almost feels like I’m tempting fate. However, despite being a travel blogger I’ve not travelled for a year and it is a part of my job that I need to get back to as soon as it’s safe. With that in mind I’ve made a few tentative plans, but nothing is set in stone and I don’t really have any dates- it’s more just a list of ideas and potential options, but maybe it will give you a little inspiration of where to go when things are safer. 

Full transparency, I’m writing this the week before Christmas with plans for this to go up in January so for all I know these plans could all go out of the window. It’s also important to note that while I’m not giving exact dates in my mind, at the time of writing this article I’m not planning to travel anywhere until at least March. Being a travel blogger I’ve already been asked about my availability for early this year but I don’t think it would be responsible of me to travel until there’s a bit of a clearer picture.

My first plan is to go on my rescheduled trip to Barcelona. I was meant to be going with Jack in March 2020 to review a hotel and explore the city but literally the day we were due to fly out the UK government announced the first national lockdown. Barcelona is still somewhere I’ve not had chance to visit (we were also due to go there on a cruise in November 2020, but the pandemic cancelled that too). After many failed attempts at visiting, it’s top of my list this year!!

Cobh, County Cork in Southern Ireland

Next on the list is Northern Ireland, which has been cancelled and rebooked so many times that I’ve lost count. We originally planned to go in September, then it got pushed back to October, then Christmas and now it just has a question mark next to it in my brain. We had actually arranged to review a hotel in Belfast, and then I was going to book an extra night so we had more time to explore. I’ve visited a few places in Ireland but I haven’t actually made it to Northern Ireland yet, so that will absolutely be on the to-do list as soon as I’m able to go.

Number three on this list is Greece. I have wanted to visit Greece for so long, and I was determined it was going to happen in 2020, but then 2020 happened instead. I don’t have a press trip planned, it’s just one of those places that I really want to visit and if the last year has taught me anything it’s to stop putting off plans and just to go and do it. Until both me and Jack have had the vaccine I obviously want to be really careful about where and how I travel, so with needing to sit on a plane for several hours I will probably be planning this for late 2021.

I know this list is already getting long, but I have a whole year of being at home to make up for. As it’s unlikely I’m going to cruise with my family this year I want to fly down to the Canary Islands and spend some time island hopping. I’ve visited most of the islands on a cruise but you don’t get to see a lot in a day, so being able to spend a few days in each place would be amazing, and obviously it would help me create a lot more content!! I’m actually planning something similar for Madeira, but only staying on the one island. Basically, after being in one place for so long I’ve slowed down a lot, so I want the emphasis to be on slower travel this year, rather than ticking off as many places in one year as possible.

Finally, COVID allowing, I would love to get back on cruise ships. 2020 was meant to be an exciting year for cruising - P&O were launching a new ship and Royal Caribbean were bringing a ship that has only visited the UK once before to do an entire season. Obviously both of those got pushed back to 2021, but I would love to get on board both P&O’s Iona and Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas this year. I’ve never been on a ship that large and they really are a unique offering so I want to experience them first hand.

So those are my VERY tentative plans for this year. I realise it’s almost a wishlist rather than a plan, but after 2020 I’m a little put off of booking anything until I see what the world is like in a few months time! Have you made any plans for this year yet? If so I’d love to hear them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or in the comments below.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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