5 Places on my Bucket List Post-Covid

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I feel like throughout lockdown I've been talking about how to get through every day, making the most of your time & trying to see some positives in difficult situations. However, I feel like (for now at least) there's a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel, and with travel starting to open up again I wanted to talk about the places that will be top of my list as soon as it's safe to go exploring again.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Greece


I feel like sometimes Greece can has a bit of a bad image for being a total tourist trap, and ok it is on every single travel addict's Instagram feed but I feel like there has to be a reason for it. Beautiful beaches, great food and a huge wealth of history and culture means it's been on my list for a while and is absolutely somewhere I would like to visit when it's safe to do so.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Poland


A bit of a departure from sandy beaches and cookie cutter white buildings, but Poland is still somewhere I would love to visit. When I went to Romania it was my first time flying but I was in the company of a lot of people who had already travelled extensively, and Poland repeatedly came up in conversation for it's beautiful cities with the most stunning buildings and the fact that's it's severely underrated as a tourist destination. My trip to Romania made me realise that I, like most people, have fallen into the trap of visiting places that are already well known tourist destinations, and that's a habit I'd like to force myself out of once I start travelling again. I've heard great things about a lot of cities in Poland so I'd love to spend a week there visiting multiple places.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Chile

South America

I realise I've just added an entire continent to my list, but I never said that I was only going to mention countries. In all honesty, the reason that I've not chosen a specific country is two-fold; first of all I don't feel like I'm educated enough to know which specific country I would like to visit, and secondly I've heard a lot about multiple South American countries and I'm not sure I'd be able to choose one straight off the bat! I've grown up learning to speak Spanish, loving the culture & enjoying the food but I know very little about Latin American cultures, so I'd love to spend some time visiting a few different countries to educate myself.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Cape Town

South Africa

As much as I've tried to be productive in lockdown, I have to admit that I've watched an awful lot of TV. One of the programmes I've been watching is a drama set in South Africa and it's gotten me a little bit obsessed. I'd love to do the touristy thing and go on a safari just because I think it would be an amazing experience, but at the same time I admit I know very little about South Africa so I'd like to take some time to educate myself while I'm there.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Israel

Middle Eastern Countries

At the beginning of lockdown I got really invested in this series where participants had to race across a continent without getting on a plane, meaning they went through a lot of different countries. In one of the series they went through the Middle East and spoke about how their perceptions had totally changed by visiting. I think a lot of us are guilty to some extent of believing what we read even if we like to think we're sceptical. After hearing about stray dogs and crime in Romania from the national media I was really nervous to visit, and instead I found some of the most kind and welcoming people within beautiful cities. Another place that has quite a difficult reputation is the Middle East as a region, yet when I watch other travel bloggers visit and discuss their trips they find the opposite of what's reported in the media, just like with Romania. Because of this, it's somewhere I'd like to go just to push myself out of my comfort zone & to make my own mind up about somewhere that doesn't have the best reputation.

Travel Bucket List Ideas Morocco

I could honestly go on for days about the other places on my bucket list. That over-shared quote saying "I've not been everywhere but it's on my list" is both irritatingly cliche and very accurate to how I feel. There's a lot of places I'd love to visit, but talking about where I'd like to go also makes me realise that as British people we do tend to be quite closed off in our island bubble - it's all too easy to stay in Western Europe and visit the typical destinations, and that's something I'd really like to change.

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