My Travel Goals For 2020

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Hey Owlets,

Every year that I’ve been a blogger I’ve written about how successful my year was, my goals for the next year or something along those lines but, if I’m honest, I’m pretty happy at the moment and I don’t really have anything major that I want to achieve in the next year. I feel like publishing posts like that pile pressure on, rather than motivating, so this year I want to take a break from that and instead do something a little different - a travel bucket list. Even though I’m calling this my “2020 bucket list” I don’t exactly plan to achieve everything on this list in a year, it’s more of an acknowledgement that what I want in life changes as I live it, and even though this is accurate now, by next year it might not be. With that all said, let’s get into talking about a few of my travel aspirations.

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Fly Again

2019 was the year that I got on my first ever plane, and I both loved and loathed it with equal measure. When you’re used to cruise ship terminals, having your passport checked once, being greeted by hoards of friendly people that are about to look after you for the duration, a labyrinth-like airport, aggressive security guards and the constant feeling of the clock counting down can’t help but bring you crashing back to reality. However, the big limitation with cruise ships is that you’re stuck to coastal cities - flying gives me the freedom to get anywhere in the world and quickly, opening up so many more opportunities. Having flown once and experienced a totally different kind of trip than a cruise, I’d love to get on a plane and go explore somewhere else.

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Be Spontaneous

Two years ago when I reluctantly agreed to go on the original cruise with my parents was the first time I’d ever been spontaneous and since then I feel like I’ve gotten a little complacent. Every year I’m thankful that I get to go on a cruise with my parents, and I’m lucky enough to have a job where someone will email me and ask me to visit a city and explore, but I never just up and go without a reason. There are so many cheap flights from Bristol Airport and even though I constantly look at them I never actually make the decision to book and go. This year I want to find a cheap flight and rather than think about it for so long the opportunity is gone, I want to take it while I have the chance. My best trips are always the ones I’ve not fully planned - why not do that from start to finish?

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Visit Somewhere New

I think I’ve hit a rut with my travelling - either by method or in the places I visit. In two years I’ve pretty much stuck to travelling to the same handful of ports on cruises from the UK when I can do and see so much more. I’d love to visit Croatia, experience New York for myself or explore the Greek Islands. If I can do it then why am I not?

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Travel Alone

This seems kind of weird to say this now, at a time when I’m in a relationship and I say how much I enjoy travelling with my family, but one of the things I used to love when I travelled across the UK was getting to explore a city on my own; you tend to wander, find tiny little streets and chat to locals which you don’t do as much when you’re travelling with someone. I honestly struggle to remember the last time I went on a truly solo trip, and even though I’ve explored ports on my own when my parents have stayed on board I want to prove to myself that I can do it - both from the point of view of dealing with going through an airport alone, and actually being in a new city alone. Travel used to be a challenge for me and while I still absolutely love what I do, having familiarity makes travel less exciting because I don’t have the fear of the unknown. 

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

Get Out of my Comfort Zone 

I realise that this is basically the previous 4 points combined, but really this is what it boils down to. Whether it’s the place I go, the method of travel I take or the activities I do when I get there I am determined to do something that gets me out of my comfort zone because the time I grow the most as a person is when I’ve felt scared or uncomfortable and done it anyway, and that’s definitely something I need to do more of this year.

2020 Travel Goals Bucket List Ideas

I realise for a bucket list it’s incredibly short, but rather than a list of everything I want to do in my life, I want to focus on the things that are doable that I really want to achieve this year. I might not achieve them all, I might go overboard, but right now these are the things that are important to me, even though some of them might seem tiny and insignificant to you. With that said I’d love to hear your travel goals - what are they? Are they big or small and how do you think you’ll achieve them? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Love and Feathers, 
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