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Hey Owlets,

I can't believe it but it's September already - grab the pumpkins, hot chocolate and fairy lights because Autumn is getting near. To be honest though I'm absolutely not ready for it - maybe it's because I've not had a holiday yet but I'm still majorly in summer mode and having to put a coat on doesn't feel right. Anyway, we can put off Autumn for a while now as I'm here to share my August with you. I know it's early but I'm already mentally packing for my holiday even though it's not for a few months so I spent a lot of August either trying to get ahead with my blog posts or in the hospital with Dad as he's had a lot of tests so it's been a bit of a quiet month but I still have a few fun things to share with you.

Bradley Stoke Community Radio Station Willow Brook Centre

We start off the month with an old fashioned outside broadcast in the town square. As Bradley Stoke Radio grew we were always busy so we went from broadcasting in the square to being rushed off of our feet with things like the Balloon Fiesta or Harbour Festival, so it was nice to go back to our roots, especially because it was 30ยบ that day. We didn't have many plans, so I basically spent the day in the town square dancing to the music and sunbathing, so I can't complain!

Clifton Bristol Morning Coffee Aqua Restaurants Bristol

On 6th August Dad had to be in Clifton for a meeting, so I decided to go with him for a wander as I had no plans. We went for a coffee in Aqua (the coffee was nice but the staff were rude so I wouldn't recommend it), then when Dad went to his meeting I was walking down to another cafe to work in but ended up stumbling across the library so spent a few hours in there until he was done. It was nice to go out and be productive - it's something I do much more when I'm in Birmingham than Bristol because Bristol is so much more spread out, but I'd make the journey again as it was nice to get out of the house for a wander with no plans.

Southmead Hospital Bristol

8th August saw one of the first hospital visits of the month, which was for a checkup with his cardiac consultant. We ended up having a bit of a day there as he wanted a new chest X-ray which takes forever as the department is so busy, but all is fine (sorry to those who I worried on my Instagram stories!).

The Courthouse Knutsford Cheshire Afternoon Tea Review

On 10th August we went to pick up Dad's third shogun; it was beginning to feel like living with Henry VIII - instead of wives it was cars. Having written off the first one in my last month in pictures, Dad bought another which had to go back, and number three involved travelling 170 miles to Manchester, so we got up early and decided to make a day of it. When I walked into the train station at 6:30am one of my friends that works there said "what are you doing here? The clock is still in single figures!" which says a lot about me not being a morning person. We got to the garage at 11am and by 1pm we'd left in Dad's new pride and joy (seriously, he's obsessed with this car!). We only had a few hours spare because it was a long drive home so we went to have a look at Salford Quays, then we were invited for afternoon tea at The Courthouse in Knutsford. It's technically in Cheshire but it's not far from Manchester and it was on our way home so we decided to pop in. It was Mad Hatter themed and I loved it, but I wrote a whole post about it so I won't tell you any more about that here.

Swallow Barn Frome Somerset Countryside B&B Review

On 13th August I was lucky enough to be invited to review a beautiful B&B in the Somerset countryside. Swallow Barn is a small boutique B&B in Frome offering two beautifully designed rooms. It's funny because even though I went as a reviewer I felt like I was staying at a friend's house. I ended up sat in her kitchen chatting for about two hours on the second day which was lovely. I won't tell you too much though as the review is going up next week, so you'll have to wait for details.

Southmead Hospital Bristol

On 15th August I was back at Southmead Hospital again, this time for Dad to have a test in nuclear medicine. I know it's not that nice for Dad, but for me I find it all really interesting. Dad had to have a scan every 10 minutes for 4 hours, and actually sent me a photo of the scanning room because he knew I'd be curious, sad I know!! Last week Dad had the first X-Ray since he'd had his defibrillator put in, and I was sat there staring at it because it was so cool being able to see the wires going into the heart.

Bristol Pub Food Bristol travel food blogger

17th August was an errand running day - Dad had arranged to have his new car's aircon fixed and the garage we went to quite far out from everything so we ended up going to the pub across the road for lunch instead, which I obviously couldn't complain about. Unfortunately over the last month or so I seem to have fallen out of the habit of taking a photo every day so other than my nice lunch I have nothing to show you from that day.

Birmingham City Centre Central Library Travel Blogger

On 19th August I was back in my favourite building site, otherwise known as Birmingham. I love this city but in the 6 years I've been going there they've never yet not been building or tearing something down. I didn't have many plans for the day but ended up having a really relaxing day. When I got into Birmingham I got a taxi to my friend's house for breakfast and had a bit of a chill day before going into town for a wander and to run some errands. I was originally meant to be meeting up with a photographer but as that got cancelled I used the day to relax instead.

Yate Shopping Centre Bristol

For the last 12 days of August I ended up just running errands and working on my blog so I wasn't doing anything photograph-worthy. However, on one weekend we did decide to take a wander to a local shopping centre for an afternoon out. I actually remembered to take a photo that day and thought my rainbow drink would look pretty with the flags in the background, but Dad had other ideas, and this is definitely my favourite photo of the two.

That's it for August - it was definitely short and sweet but I've really struggled with motivation recently. There's not been a lot of brands looking to work with bloggers, and even though everyone is struggling in the community it made me feel like my blog wasn't good enough so it put me off writing anything - after chatting to others who I really admire that are having the same issues it's re-inspired me. That, and because my holiday is finally on the horizon I'm excited about travelling again and you're the only ones who'll endlessly listen to me rambling on about cruises! If you've not already seen last week's post, I wrote about my chronic overpacking and a few of the things I took with me but didn't need to help you decide what to take away with you.

What have you been up to this month?

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet ๐Ÿ’œ 
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