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Choosing Scents for Spring

Spring perfume favourites Chanel Gabrielle

Hey Owlets,

I feel like I’ve been really heavy on the travel content recently so I asked on Twitter what you would like to see and I got loads of messages from you saying that you never see anyone write about perfumes, so your wish is my command! I actually asked if you wanted to see my recent perfume purchases or my favourite spring perfumes but the vote came out exactly 50/50 so I decided to cheat and combine the two!

It’s funny really - until the last few years I never really bothered with perfume, but throughout uni I’ve grown to love it. Scents are a really strong trigger for memories which is why it’s become so important to me. Jo Malone’s Cardamom and Mimosa takes me back to my graduation, Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt for the time I went to Ascot And Marc Jacobs Original Daisy for my first trip abroad without my parents.

When it comes to perfumes I am beyond picky, I mostly like a light fragrance, I hate musky scents, and usually end up going for something sweet, with a mixture of fruity and floral undertones. Hopefully that helps you decide if these are for you, but here’s the perfumes I’ve purchased recently.

Spring perfume favourites Georgio Armani Si

The first perfume I have to talk about is actually my most recent purchase, which is bad because I was kind of on a self-inflicted perfume ban (that didn’t last long!!). There isn’t a special reason behind it and I didn’t have a gift card but I was walking through Selfridges looking for a birthday present for Mum and absolutely fell in love with Armani Si. I feel like I’m very late to the party with this because I remember hoards of other bloggers promoting it last year, but I’m late to everything so that makes sense.

Si is kind of different from what I would usually go for - it’s still sweet but it’s much more floral than fruity. I used to absolutely love vanilla scents which features heavily in Si, so I’m surprised I don’t hate it; I think it’s because the earthy notes in the fragrance counteract it so it doesn’t end up sickly. It’s one of those scents that you spray and you suddenly feel like you’re about to go skip through a meadow or sunbathe with a cocktail. Either way, I love it.

Spring perfume favourites Chanel Gabrielle Rue Cambon Paris

My second spring perfume purchase does have a special reason behind it. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I absolutely love all things French and all things fashion, so when I was planning my trip to Paris, top of the list was wanting to see Chanel’s atelier on Rue Cambon and I’ll be honest, Chanel’s Rue Cambon packaging is iconic so I wanted a bag to take home. I realise I could’ve just bought a lipstick or other small beauty product, but considering this was my first time in a city that I’ve grown up dreaming about, I wanted something that would last longer and would remind me of my trip - so of course that was perfume.

I originally went in looking at buying 1932 or number 31 because their names are so integral to Chanel’s history but neither of them were something I would choose to wear. Then the sales assistant pointed me to Gabrielle (the first new perfume that Chanel have released in 15 years). At the time I didn’t know that much about it, but the scent was really unique and lightly floral which is perfect for spring so I treated myself to a large size bottle, as this was all they had (it turns out this was a smart move - it’s nearly £30 more expensive in the UK!).

While I absolutely love this perfume, I admit that maybe it wasn’t the smartest purchase. Because the perfume has so much meaning for me, I’ve not yet found an occasion that’s quite special enough to wear it, so just over a month later it’s still in the cellophane. It might just be that in the last month I’ve not done anything particularly exciting - maybe if I was going back to the Italian Embassy I’d wear it then, but equally I could imagine myself in 15 or so years time looking at the still-wrapped bottle on my wedding day and thinking “no, today isn’t special enough!”.

Spring perfume favourites Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Twinkle Limited Edition Spring 2018

My final spring-related perfume purchase was a gift card situation where I wasn’t particularly looking for a new fragrance but I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket! If you saw my Instagram, last month I was invited to visit Swindon Designer Outlet to take a look around. I was very kindly given a gift card to do a bit of shopping and I’d had my eye on a bag in Ted Baker but unfortunately they didn’t have it in store. While I was wandering around, I went into The Fragrance Shop to see what they had. I got chatting to the store assistant and she told me that Marc Jacobs had just released a new limited edition version of their iconic Daisy fragrance.

The Eau So Fresh Twinkle version of daisy is lighter than the original and more fruity than the original more floral scent. Basically, if you left me in charge of designing a perfume, Daisy Twinkle is probably what I’d come up with. I was already 99% sold, but then she showed me the beautiful lavender-coloured bottle with sparkly flowers on top and I was pretty much the real-life equivalent of the “shut up and take my money” gif. Out of all of my recent purchases, this is the scent that I’ve worn pretty much every day - there’s never a time that I feel like it’s not appropriate, even if we’re going out to dinner.

Spring perfume favourites Georgio Armani Si

Choosing only three perfumes was so difficult; almost as difficult as putting myself on a perfume-buying ban! I've noticed I tend to go higher end when buying perfumes, but to me fragrance is something special that lasts a long time so it's worth the splurge. Hopefully this helps you if you're looking for a new scent to make you feel a little more summery, even if I do feel like we've been living on the set of Ice Age.

What's your favourite Spring scent? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

Love and Feathers, 
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