Why I'm Proud to Be Plus Size - #IWD18

Plus size fashion blogger reasons to be proud of your size

Hey Owlets,

Happy International Women's Day! 

I wanted to do something confidence related today to celebrate and I've been wanting to write this post for a while so it was perfect timing.

The world is so full of ignorant people. Overflowing with small-minded haters passing judgement on situations that they know nothing about. I know there are many things in the firing line but one of those that I constantly come across is the attitude towards plus size girls. The idea that once you’re past a size 16 you’re just a blob of fat who’s opinions are invalid (not my words - this is a quote from a “fan”. I won’t give them the satisfaction of being named). But I’d like to tell you something. 

I’m proud to be plus size.

Plus size fashion blogger reasons to be proud of your size

Being plus size gives you a sense of community. From what I’ve heard from followers, I imagine it to be like that of a deaf community or a group of friends that share a common theme. I feel like often girls spend so much of their time tearing each other down which I genuinely don’t understand. As a plus size girl I spend so much time being attacked by people that believe I should hide myself because I’m the “ugly side of society”. But it’s not just me - most plus size girls with an online presence are subject to the same kind of judgements. When you see another plus size girl out in the street, you usually end up chatting because you have something to bring you together.

Plus size women are so incredibly head-strong. On the whole, society is usually pretty small minded and from what I’ve personally witnessed it seems like to most people, any small difference is something to attack, not celebrate. To deal with people constantly trying to drag you down and attacking you just for being who you are, it takes a great deal of mental strength to stand up, be confident and continue to be yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Plus size fashion blogger reasons to be proud of your size

Just recently I’ve been blamed for being “a burden to the NHS” by “telling fat girls that over eating is fine” but being plus size doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy - all I’m trying to do is make people feel happy in the bodies that they’re in when small minded idiots go around saying the opposite. Last week someone said I deserved to die because I was “too fat”. I can’t honestly say that I’ve seen another plus size woman making derogatory comments to anyone else, ever. I think because we get enough of that, we support each other. 

There’s such a wealth of media showcasing these tall, thin supermodels and upholding them as what everyone in society should aspire to, but I don’t. I’m unique. I think the fact that we know we don’t fit into “normal” society makes it easier to be ourselves. When you walk down the street you don’t see thirty girls who look just like you - you stand out for being yourself. And yes, some people think that’s a bad thing, but I’d rather be recognisable than have rolled off the production line.

Plus size fashion blogger reasons to be proud of your size

So, to the people that have told me to die, told me to starve myself, told me I’m worthless, that my opinion doesn’t count or all the other ludicrous things that I’ve been told in the last month alone, I’d just like to point out I don’t think it’s me that’s the problem.

I’m unique, I’m in a wonderful community of head-strong women that aren’t afraid to wear what they want and that suits me perfectly fine. 

Perhaps next time you decide to send me a death threat, you could step back and think about what’s wrong in your life to make you think it’s acceptable to tell strangers to kill themselves.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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