Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Review: My Goals for 2017

Goals and Wishes - what I achieved in 2017

Hey Owlets,

Long time, no see! I'd originally planned to post every other day in December but, let's be honest, I think we all forget how crazy this month is, and every year we go into December just as unprepared as the last having sworn we would never do that again.

Last year I made a post about my goals and wishes for 2017 in which I talked about what I wanted to achieve in the coming year. Some, of course, were more pie in the sky than realistic - or so I thought at the time. If I'm brutally honest I'd kind of forgotten about that post and just gone through my year as normal until one of my friends asked if I was going to make another for 2018. So yes I will do that, but for now I wanted to take a look back at how I'd done throughout 2017 because I actually managed to shock myself.

Goals and Wishes - what I achieved in 2017
Copyright "Dad's Photos" - thanks Dad...
My first two goals were better blog photography and to be more confident, and I think I've achieved both of these. Towards the start of the year, that better blog photography came from the help of Adam and while there was a brief transition of dodgy tripod photos after we broke up, I'd say that me and my tripod are starting to get along very well! Also Dad's blog photography has improved a lot after Adam and I broke up, so he wouldn't forgive me if I didn't give him at least some of the credit! I also wanted to become more confident this year, which I'd say I've definitely managed to do. But the thing I didn't expect was to have gained confidence in all areas. When I wrote my goals for the year I was thinking about body confidence, but on top of that I've found it easier to speak to people, I've been happier travelling, and more confident in my abilities as well as being able to look at a photo and think "damn girl, you look good!" (even the stupid ones).

My third goal was better time keeping - the less said about that the better because I'm pretty sure that since finishing uni any time keeping I ever had has gone out the window. A goal to be moved on to 2018 I think.

Goals and Wishes - what I achieved in 2017

My final goal was to travel more, and when I wrote that I kind of reined myself in a little - I really wanted to say about travelling abroad but I thought "that'll never happen" so kept it to exploring more places in the UK, which granted I have done. But my major achievement was travelling abroad for the first time, and that changed everything. If you haven't read one of my first posts ever to spread like wildfire, then take a look at my life lessons from the holiday of a lifetime. The only issue for this is that I've been bitten by the bug, so my aim for 2018 is to write my CV and start applying for some part time jobs so that I can have more holidays but still keep the blog going!

Now, onto my "stretch goals" - I called these my wishes because I never thought in a million years that these would actually come true, and for the most part they haven't yet. I still haven't gotten to do a proper photoshoot with a brand, I still haven't taken part in a fashion show, I've yet to start writing my book and I didn't win UK Blog Awards 2017, but I did achieve one thing on the list. This summer Nicole, one of the nicest people I've ever met and blogger at abeautifulchaos.co.uk asked me to be on the COVER of her magazine - Beautiful Minds. Being in a magazine was one of those wishes that I thought wouldn't happen until years down the line, if at all, so getting to spend the day with Nicole and talk about something I'm so passionate about was incredible. If you've yet to read the magazine, you can buy it here. And while I didn't get to do a photoshoot with a brand, I got to do an incredible photoshoot in a field full of sunflowers with another blogger called Steph from Stephanie Dreams Photography/ Steph and The Spaniels that was so iconic that almost every Instagram post I've made since then has had someone comment with sunflower emojis - I think they're now my personal flower.

Goals and Wishes - what I achieved in 2017

So that's it for my 2017 goals round up - considering I scoffed at myself as I wrote most of these, I'm incredibly proud of how well I've done - even managing to tick something off the "never going to happen" list. Keep your eye out for part two of this post when I run through my 2018 goals and wishes (because I rambled too much as per usual, sorry!!)

Did you achieve some of your 2017 goals? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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