Thursday, 25 May 2017

Follow Me To: My 21st Birthday!

Hey Owlets,


So I'm officially 21 now and I felt like that called for a very special week in pictures- my birthday week. I've had the best week of travel, parties and spending time with friends and family so I thought I'd bring you along. Obviously the above photo isn't from my birthday week, but it's pretty much become my own personal meme every time I'm excited about something.
I started my birthday week by handing in my final EVER uni assignment - I'm still not over the fact that I'm no longer a student. I'm kind of gutted that I didn't get to celebrate with everyone else, but in the evening there was a dinner to honour the Chair of South Gloucestershire Council's end of term and she's a family friend so I wanted to go and support her. As it happens, I ended up doing my fair share of celebrating there and it was a really good night. 

I don't have any photos from Saturday - we were all tired so had a lazy day mooching around the local shopping centre and grabbed a coffee before going home and relaxing. In the evening we went to the church for a concert by a local brass band. They were AMAZING but again, I don't have any photos - sorry!

Sunday was one of the main days of my birthday week. This year it was my 21st, Dad's 50th and my Nan's 75th all within a month of each other, so we had one big family party to celebrate all our birthdays. We hired a boat for the day, sailed around Bristol, ate lunch, enjoyed the scenery and did a lot of chatting. We actually did this on exactly the same boat three years ago for my 18th, so it was nice to be back to celebrate again.

On Monday I did absolutely nothing, and had the duvet day that I should've had after hand in. I'll spare you a photo of that - it's probably scary. Instead, here's a picture of the gorgeous Regent's Park in London and a hint at what I did on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I got to spend the day hanging out in London with one of my closest friends. Panda (not his real name, can't remember why I called him that) lives in Kent and it's so rare that we get to meet up more than every few months, so it was a massive treat to be able to meet up two days before my birthday. It's been so long since I last saw him that we didn't do a lot and spent most of the day sat in Regent's Park chatting, had lunch in Shepherds Bush Market, got coffee on Portobello Road, and went back to chatting, this time sat in Green Park. We never normally do a lot when we're in London together, but it's nice to have chance for a catch up, especially near my birthday.

On Wednesday I had a really nice day planned. There's an antiques market on the outskirts of Cardiff and it's tradition that Adam and I visit near my birthday and pick another vintage camera to add to my collection. If you saw my Penarth post you will know how much I loved it there, so the plan was that we were going to go to the market in the morning then Penarth in the afternoon. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. I had to go into uni to hand something in for my final project then I was due to meet Adam back at Cardiff Central station, but the weather was so bad that he met me in uni and we spent a good hour sat in the student union waiting for the rain to pass - spoiler alert, it didn't, and this is the reason there's no photos of me from Wednesday. 

We gave in and ran to bus stop and got on the bus to Tremorfa. Unfortunately the weather wasn't doing us any favours there either. The market is all inside, but that umbrella is still serving a purpose - it's upside down to catch the water dripping through the ceiling. I didn't find a new camera to add to the collection either - gutted.

After our failed trip to Tremorfa we were soaked through, shivering and hungry so went to get a late lunch. This actually worked out well because I've been meaning to take Adam to the Prince of Wales pub for a long time. I don't think I've mentioned before, but Adam's a bit of a history nerd and loves theatre, so going for lunch in a pub converted from a theatre would be his idea of heaven. He loved it, although I didn't get to talk to him much between the staring at the ceiling and taking photos on his phone. Worth it though. 

Annoyingly this is the best photo I have but on the other side of the pub all of the original theatre seats still exist. After lunch we had a wander into St David's Centre to do some shopping then escaped back to Bristol, which was a lot less rainy, but it's Wales so the rain is expected.

Thursday 18th May was my actual birthday, and we unintentionally had a really relaxed morning. We all got up a bit late, sat opening presents and my Uncle Bob came over. Mum and Dad had been driving me mad all week because they wouldn't tell me where we were going, and Adam knew so as usual tortured me by dropping unguessable hints.

The torturous hints were worth it though, when the penny finally dropped as we turned towards Thornbury Castle. We had afternoon tea, complete with Tiffany coloured macarons (even if Mum did pronounce it with two Os and announced that she didn't like coconut when they were mentioned). I won't lie, I ate one scone, a sandwich and half a cake before leaving with a full stomach, an even more full patisserie box and a food coma. Dad had to get back to present Drive Time on BSR but the celebrations didn't stop there for me.

If you remember last year, Crown and Glory held a workshop to make your own flower crowns in House of Fraser. This year they came back but with the option of making fascinators instead. I'm still desperately saving to try and get back to Ascot so went for this option. I love Crown and Glory anyway because their floral crowns are really unique, but getting to make your own is particularly special because you know no one has the same thing, and they always bring really unique pieces with them. Last year it was toadstools, this year it was little fabric birds and glitter butterflies.

Last year I had a flower crown and it unintentionally ended up being really statement so I've only worn it for photoshoots. I wanted to hold back and have something more wearable and I love the end result. I was determined that I wanted a little bird and I wasn't sure what dress I wanted to wear so went for pinks, purples and blues as most of my dresses have those colours in. I love the fact that as well as some new pieces, a lot of the flowers they use are vintage because I feel like that adds to the uniqueness. If you didn't see my Instagram story, I actually wore this all the way on the walk back to the train station, and all the way home. Massive thank you to Crown and Glory for my headpiece - I'm just looking for excuses to wear it now.

Friday was an admin day so I'll skip that. On Saturday we had a BSR event to attend which I didn't think I'd write about. It was only going to be a quiet event but we had a really good time. It was an afternoon garden party and we were a bit worried because it had been raining all day. It stayed cold but it dried up, and when we got there there was a miniature train going around the garden, which was super cool and nerdy. Freya (far right) is the youngest in our BSR family and I got volunteered to ride the train with her (no complaints from me). We went around once, and having stood waving at us, it didn't take much encouragement for Dad to join us, as did Freya's dad Steve. It was a bit of a squeeze - especially going through the tiny tunnels on the track, but I don't know if Dad or Freya enjoyed it more!

On Sunday I went out for birthday lunch with my family as I didn't see them on my actual birthday, but I didn't take any pictures because we went to a tiny little country pub and it would've been a bit awkward to get my camera out.

So that's my birthday week. I don't normally get as spoilt as this, but it was a special one this year! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and thank you so much to my family, friends and brands that gave me such thoughtful gifts. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me. Let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below.

P.S. It had to be an owl cake didn't it?

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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