Friday, 28 April 2017

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Hey Owlets,

A few weeks ago I went back to my roots and posted a "Weekend in Pictures - Bristol" straight out of vintage Owlet and I've had so much great feedback that I decided to do another. In case you haven't seen my Weekend in Bristol post I talked about how weird it was being a tourist in my own city. It may have been strange but I loved it and that post inspired me to do a bit more exploration of my local area, so last week I took a train to Penarth and went for a wander. 

Penarth is beautiful and less than an hour from Bristol, with a change onto a different train for 10 minutes from Cardiff Central. This was actually my first time visiting - in all honesty I wouldn't have known it existed if it weren't for another blogger. 

Once again, this was a case of exploring the country but never my own back yard. Coming out of the train station I turned right and walked down the road. I was heading for the seafront, but on the way I stumbled across a beautiful park. This in itself was an amazing walk and, even though I knew that Penarth was a seaside town, I was still excited when I saw the yacht between the trees.

I walked through the park and down onto the pier. The view was amazing, especially in the bright sunshine and the old-fashioned pier had small alcoves with covered benches in the shade which is great if you burn like I do. I think getting a train somewhere is really deceptive as it feels like it's further than it is. In the background you can see Cardiff bay which is actually less than half an hour's walk away.

Around the entrance to the pier is an old fashioned sweet and gift shop. I love this because as you walk in it's like a step back in time. As you walk onto the pier there's a small cafe. I didn't go inside but when I go back next time I think it would be great to sit outside with a coffee and enjoy the surroundings. They also had an upstairs balcony, which would be my first choice of where to sit.

Just up from the bustling entrance,  is the most quiet and relaxing pier. I visited mid week and there were quite a few people there, but everyone was relaxed and enjoying the sunshine so it was still a peaceful place to be. I sat on the pier enjoying the surroundings for about an hour, then walked down to the beach. 

The one thing that I'm not a massive fan of is pebble beaches because you can't really relax on them. It's hard to find anywhere to sit down and walking along the beach is more of a struggle than a calming past time, but the view is beautiful so makes the effort it worth it (seriously, don't wear Converse on this beach - it hurt). Just up from the beach is a cafe with a terrace and seating on the roof so if you don't want to be on the beach but want to enjoy the view then that's a great option (a warning though - you pay a massive premium for the location).

All in all, I would really recommend a trip to Penarth if you live nearby. There's not masses to do like a traditional seaside town, but I love that because it's much more peaceful than the traditional arcade-lined streets.

Where's your favourite underrated place to visit? Let me know in the comments so I can discover more gems like this. Also let me know - where should I travel next?

Love and Feathers,
 The Owlet 💜

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