Sunday, 8 May 2016

Follow Me To: Birmingham & Stable

Hello Owlets!!

First of all I just want to say how much I've missed you all! This has been my first week since I started The Owlet that I haven't blogged every day, and it's felt so weird! I feel a little lost sitting down at my computer to do coursework and not to write more posts. However, this week hasn't all been sitting at my desk typing all day- this Sunday I was in Birmingham for the day to attend a blogger event at Stable. While I was up there I did a little wandering so I thought you might like to see what I got up to (spoiler: there's a VLOG!)

Okay so we all know I'm predictable. The issue with the new New Street Station is that you come up from the platforms directly into a shopping centre- a shopping centre that just so happens to have all my favourite stores in. I went to the amazing homeware shop I spoke about during my last trip to Birmingham to eye up the rainbow once again, then went to Neil's Yard. The lady who served me was absolutely lovely - I had no idea what to try because of my sensitive skin, allergies and the issues I've had with it. She took half an hour, talked me through a lot of the products, suggested what might work best for me, and wrote all of those down so that I could go away and do more research before purchasing. I think it was amazing how happy to help she was, and the fact that it wasn't all about making a sale. After talking to her, I now want to order some rose-hip oil to help with scarring as she recommended this to me as something she herself uses.

I then went into the Bullring to go and drool at the Alice in Wonderland palette. I was really considering buying it as Debenhams had one left and it's absolutely beautiful, but I wasn't sure about the shade range as I tend to only wear more neutral colours, and the woman that served me was so rude it put me off completely!

However, I then walked further into Debenhams to the Elemis stand. The lady there was absolutely lovely and asked if I wanted her to do a skin panel. They basically take photos of your skin and ask you lifestyle questions, questions about your skin and your general health to build a complete picture. The idea behind this is that by looking at your life, the skincare will be more personalised and should be more effective. She gave me some samples to try, so I'll try those and report back and maybe talk about the process as a whole.

I then (of course) went straight to Meecha for my usual honeydew melon slush. I only had an hour or so before the Stable event so I didn't get much time to look around anywhere else (although there may have been a quick detour into Forever21...) so I drank this and ran straight over to the restaurant.

When we got to Stable there was a corner set out for bloggers. We sat down with a drink and chatted for a bit, before we were introduced to Mark and Abi who organised the event and were both absolutely lovely, and to Allen who created Hogan's Cider. After a little bit of time to chat, Allen led us through a cider tasting, with some of the best cider I have ever tasted (a huge accolade coming from a native Bristolian!). We then tried some cider brandy, which was funny as a few of us either didn't hear that it was brandy, hadn't tried brandy before or just wanted to try it anyway, and some of the faces around the table were hilarious!

After we'd tried all of the cider, Mark took us into the kitchen to create our own pizzas. Unfortunately, I don't quite think they'd banked on what it would be like getting bloggers to cook, as it took us about 20 minutes to make a single pizza due to all the filming/instagramming/tweeting/snapchatting that was happening in the kitchen!

I was pretty impressed with my efforts....until I saw others' pizzas, then I realised that my lack of imagination had perhaps gotten to me a little! I started off with chicken, with a plan to make a chicken and bacon concoction, but I looked over and something in my brain went "OOOH VEGETABLES!" at which point my pizza became chicken and just about every veg I could find in the kitchen...oops.

The thing that was probably the funniest about making pizzas was that apart from making the dough, we did everything. Once we made the pizzas, we were tasked with putting them on the spatula (I have no idea what its called but the giant paddle thing) to put them in the oven, which on the whole was disasterous. We then had to put them back on the paddle to put them on these wooden boards. I had visions of it flicking over the other side from the kitchen to the bar, but thankfully it slid onto the board perfectly without attacking any poor passers by!

The restaurant itself is beautiful, the cider was gorgeous and the pizza was lovely too (even though I made it!). Abi, Allen and Mark were lovely and it was so nice to go to a blogger event where you can just sit and relax and chat to everyone rather than it being more structured and formal. I had such a laugh and met some lovely people. Thank you so much to Stable for inviting me along and for making me so welcome!

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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