5 Things You Forgot to Pack for Your Cruise

what to pack for a cruise

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Packing for a holiday can be one of the most stressful parts of the trip, but when you’re getting ready to go on your first cruise that stress is amplified because it’s a step into the unknown. What do you need for formal night? Have you remembered to pack everything? And what do you even need for a cruise? I’m assuming that you’ve hopefully covered all the basics - maybe even remembered to pack your toothbrush rather than buying a new one at the start of every trip when you realise you’ve forgotten. When you’re going on a cruise there are a few specific things that you may not have thought about - here’s what you’ve missed.

what to pack for a cruise

Towel Clips

You may have seen these in your local bargain store and wondered why on Earth someone would be possessed to buy these ridiculous devices, but they’re perfect for a cruise. First of all, they serve the most obvious purpose of keeping your towel on the sun lounger, although when you’re at sea this can be as much about beating the windy weather as stopping it from slipping down while you nap. However, I would argue they serve a much better purpose. The first time you get in the shower on board you may be left wondering what the silver knobbly thing in the corner is - it’s a washing line, and those towel clips will be just as useful when you need to hang your swimsuit up to dry as they are on the pool deck. 

 A Beach Towel/ Blanket

Cruise lines do provide towels on board for use in the cabin and by the pool, they often ask you not to take them off the ship and they’re normally too small to use at the beach anyway. If you’re planning trips to the beach on shore days then you absolutely need to bring a blanket, both to sit on and dry yourself off with should you decide to take a dip.

what to pack for a cruise

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of those things that you don’t often think about, but it’s an awful lot harder to get hold of things in the middle of the ocean than it is in the middle of a resort in Spain. Sometimes you can get plasters from Guest Services, but it’s usually taken out of the crew first aid box, and if you want anything specific you’re unlikely to find it on board. As an absolute minimum you should pack plasters, painkillers, hand sanitiser, antiseptic cream and stomach medicine so you have every eventuality covered. Of course, if you do get sick on board you should go to the medical centre as Norovirus is common on cruise ships, but sometimes you can have a bad reaction to all the rich food and just need something to settle your stomach without being quarantined in your cabin for buying Immodium in the gift shop.

Ziploc Bags (or eco-friendly alternatives)

Ziploc bags are another one of those things that you would never think to pack until it’s too late, and you’re sat there wishing you had one to hand. Hands down these are one of the most useful things you can pack - they’re great for putting wet swimwear in after a day at the beach, they keep your liquids from spilling while you’re travelling to meet the ship, they can protect devices from getting water or sand on them and you can take snacks on your excursions with you (particularly handy if you have any food intolerances or allergies). It might seem like overkill to pack them but you’ll be glad you did.

What to pack for a cruise

Clothes for Different Climates

Even though you’ve checked the weather in each port you plan to visit at least 20 times while packing, you’re going to wish you’d packed that one item of clothing that you decided you could live without. Weather at sea is unpredictable, particularly if you’re cruising from the UK, and by the time you get to your destination the forecast might have entirely changed. If you’re planning on visiting a Mediterranean destination then you should bring a thin waterproof, a semi-warm jacket and a jumper along with your summer clothes. The weather changes quickly and it’s a lot colder at sea so you’ll be glad you found the extra space to cram them in. Wherever you’re off to, don’t forget your mineral SPF which is a necessity all year round.

There are so many little things you could bring to make cruising better, but it’s easy to get caught up and pack everything. Leave the 8 different pairs of “just in case” shoes at home, use the space to pack some essentials that you really need, and make the most of every second - your cruise will fly by and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked for life!

Love and Feathers, 
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