A Rule-Breaking Summer Lookbook

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

Hey Owlets,

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s nearly time to dust off those floaty dresses, mini skirts and jumpsuits. It’s the season that most people look forward to all year round, but if you’re not so confident, or worried about being plus size during the season of revealing clothes, it can feel like a nightmare. It’s totally understandable that it might feel easier to suffer through the heat in jeans, but you are worth so much more than that. Just in case you are struggling to decide what to wear, here’s some inspiration that breaks all the ridiculous “rules” about plus size clothes.
Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

You CAN wear shorts

One of the most common misconceptions is that you can’t wear shorts if you’re plus size, because *heaven forbid* your cellulite should show. If you feel self conscious you shouldn’t stop wearing shorts, you just need to put effort into finding the perfect pair. If you want your figure to look more defined then high waisted shorts are perfect. Tucking a loose top into high waisted shorts will give you a lot more shape and give you a defined waist. If you don’t like your thighs then opt for a slightly longer pair to cover the parts that you’re most conscious of. If the shape of your stomach is what you worry about the most then opting for a loose fitting top over your shorts is a great way to cover this - just make sure the top isn’t too long so you still get the look of a top and shorts.

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

The Perfect Dress

The best thing you can possibly have in your summer wardrobe is the perfect dress, and what makes that dress perfect entirely depends on your figure and, more importantly, how you feel in it. If you’re not the most confident person then opt for something a little looser because that will skim over everything, but a little bit of shape will actually be more flattering if you’re not confident in your figure. A loose A-line cut dress is particularly flattering because it hides all the bits you don’t want to show, but nips in a little at the waist to give you just a little shape. If you love your legs then opt for something shorter, if not then maxi dresses are definitely the way to go.

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

Crop Tops and Jeans

Until recently crop tops were pretty much outlawed in plus size fashion, because how dare you show off your figure if you’re not what society thinks is the perfect size? Times have changed, and there’s an amazing range of crop tops on offer from websites like ASOS or BooHoo. If you’re more confident then you can get really cropped tops that show your stomach, but if you’re not as confident then a slightly longer crop top is a great way to try the trend without feeling too uncomfortable. Go with a high waisted jeans and a longer crop top that sits just below the waistband of the jeans for an easier way to try the trend without feeling really self conscious with having more of your body on show. It’s a great way of looking more summery when it’s not quite warm enough for a dress or you’re not comfortable enough to ditch the jeans just yet. 

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

The High Waisted Skirt

When you’re putting together your summer wardrobe, a high waisted skirt should be at the top of your list. It’s easily one of the most versatile pieces and there’s so many different options that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that you feel great in. Patterned midi or maxi skirts with a plain top (coloured if you’re feeling brave, but if not black or white works just as well) and trainers or sandals can make you look put together without any real effort, and the skirt helps to hide anything you’re not super confident about. If you’re looking for a piece that goes with everything then a denim mini/midi skirt is a must-have. If you like your hips then a denim pencil skirt would look amazing, but if you’re a little less confident then an A-line skirt helps to define your figure which will make you feel a lot more confident. You can wear a denim skirt with pretty much anything, cropped tops look great, as do longer tops tucked in.

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

The Dream Jumpsuit

One final plus size staple piece for summer is a jumpsuit; a lot of people are scared of wearing jumpsuits because they’ve been told that you need to be tall and thinner to pull off the look - trust me, you don’t. Finding the perfect jumpsuit can take some time and you definitely need to try them on, but once you’ve found the one that makes you feel great then it will be one of the most-worn pieces in your wardrobe. When shopping for the perfect jumpsuit think about what you like most about your body-  if you worry about your arms then go for something off the shoulder, if you like your legs then a cropped jumpsuit (pictured above) would look amazing. If you’re plus size there’s a tendency to go for looser fitting things, which does work sometimes, but with a jumpsuit choosing something that cinches in at the waist will help to accentuate your figure and give you a confidence boost. Jumpsuits are a great option for both formal and casual occasions - it just depends on what you pair them with.

Plus size Clothing Summer Look Book

When you’re shopping for your summer wardrobe just focus on buying what makes you happy - it’s great to try new things and get out of your comfort zone but if it doesn’t make you feel great then don’t wear it. While it’s important to realise that these “rules” about plus size clothes are ridiculous and outdated, it doesn’t mean that you need to break every one for the sake of it. Take some inspiration and try out some new styles, but wear what makes you happy and ignore what anyone else thinks, they’re not the ones that matter.

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