3 Points to Consider for Your Next Trip

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3 Points to Consider for Your Next Trip

While we’re not allowed to actually jet off to far-flung places at the moment, it’s still nice to dream and plan for when we’re through all this. Day-to-day life has suddenly changed a lot, but the wide world is still out there and there’s no reason we have to restrict our imaginations along with our physical movements.

Home Security
Security in one form or another plays a part in any traveller’s mind, whether it’s in the form of insurance or making sure you lock the doors and windows before setting off.
Here are a few tips for total peace of mind:
  • Ask a friend or trusted neighbour to watch over your property while you’re gone. Let them know the dates you’re going and when you’ll be back, and tell them who (if anyone) is authorised to be in your house, flat or garden. They will then know if they spot anyone hanging around who is not supposed to be there.
  • Put valued possessions out of sight. This would include items with a sentimental value as well as expensive electronics or furnishings. In pricey neighbourhoods like Brighton, you can move all of your belongings to a unit and maybe even repurpose the space while you are gone. Cheap self storage in Brighton allows you to secure your belongings without breaking your budget. Self storage is a good, secure option, and there’s plenty of self storage in Bristol, where I live, and throughout the UK. Pick a locker or small room for a few treasured items. The short contracts mean you can rent a self storage unit just for the period you’re away, and extend the time if you need to. Alternatively, stow stuff in the loft or anywhere else out of sight. Of course, those things left in the house are still there if the worst happens, and that could be a natural disaster or plumbing leak as well as a break-in.
  • Avoid leaving little clues that you’re not at home, such as not having a calendar displaying your holiday dates in view of a window.
  • Pick up a cheap timer and set a couple of lights to come on when it goes dark.

Packing Light
Start your packing early and have a few practice runs. It helps if you make a list of everything you think you’ll need, then tick off items once they’re packed.
Match clothes and shoes to your destination and planned activities so you don’t pack stuff you’re unlikely to need. This also helps you avoid the ‘just in case’ items we’re all prone to throwing in the luggage!
Save space by rolling some clothes instead of folding. Lots of casual clothing items can be rolled up. Save even more space by tucking smalls and socks inside shoes.
If you always overpack, try laying out everything you think you’ll need then take away one third to one half of them. When you’re struggling to thin down your packing, consider which items could do double duty, maybe for day or evening wear. Or how you could accessorise an outfit to ring the changes. There are lots of possibilities for dressing up or down single items of clothing.
Don’t pack too many large liquid containers. Things like shampoo, shower gel and hairspray are available all over the world and easily replaced if you run out. Decant small amounts into smaller bottles or buy travel versions. Often, basic toiletries are supplied in hotels, so check whether you need to take any at all. 

Run all Errands Before you Leave

This is an important one, but something most people would forget about. If you're travelling for an extended period of time then you need to think about tying up loose ends and looking after your health before you go. Get your eyes tested and make sure your glasses are in good condition if you rely on them, get your ears checked and cleaned at Auris Ear Care & tie up any loose ends with your work. I know it's boring to do, but it means as soon as you leave home you can forget about everything and focus on enjoying your trip.

Check Airline and Import Regulations
This has been sound advice for years now, with cabin rules and allowances changing often and new restrictions popping up out of the blue. Once the world starts getting back to normal, we might find regulations are even more stringent for a while.
A quick visit to your airline’s website will keep you in the know about what’s allowed, and save you any delays or embarrassment at the airport.
Things are a bit mad right now, but it will settle down again when we beat this virus. Planning for a trip when the shut-downs and isolations are behind us can help pass the time and provide a pleasant distraction as well as give us something to look forward to.

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