Why You Should Travel in Winter

Paris in Winter Travel Tips What to do in France

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I don’t know about you but as soon as the leaves change and temperatures drop I find myself spending hours looking at holiday websites, planning my next trip and keeping an eye out for last minute deals. I’ve never been normal, so here’s why I prefer taking trips in the Winter.

First of all, it gives you something to look forward to. I feel like holidays are always thought of as something to look forward to in summer, going somewhere hot to relax by the pool for a few weeks, but that’s never made sense to me. Surely you’d need a holiday when you don’t have loads of great events to attend and it’s gotten a bit quiet at home. I love taking trips in January because there’s nothing to do and everyone is a bit fed up so it gives you something to focus on and look forward to, as well as giving you a break in your routine to keep the post-festive slump at bay.

Paris in Winter Travel Tips What to do in France

One thing that I’ve always noticed is that travelling tends to be cheaper in January, simply because no one else does it. If you’re like me and you aren’t the type of person that’s happy to take cheap flights and stay in a hostel then taking a trip can be super pricy - travelling in Winter means you’re likely to get a lot more for your money.

My favourite reason for travelling in Winter is that no one else does - while I love chatting to people I’m a very independent person so being in a city with 20 thousand other people that don’t know where they’re going is my idea of hell. While some things like tourist busses do shut down out of season, if you go to a city there’s always going to be something to do and you can do it in your own time without feeling rushed or getting shoved out the way by stressed out tourists desperate to make the most of every second, which includes barging straight through you in order to get to their destination a minute sooner.

Paris in Winter Travel Tips What to do in France

The other thing I love about travelling in Winter is getting to see how the festive season is treated in different countries. When I went to France last January I was confused to see Christmas decorations still up, until someone explained about “La fête des Rois” where on 6th January French people celebrate the arrival of the three kings. It’s great to learn how other cultures celebrate, and you may even find traditions that you’d like to take home.

My final reason for travelling in winter is that you see a more authentic version of your chosen destination; in summer the city is geared up for tourists with souvenir shops on every corner and open top busses wherever you look as locals rush to “make hay while the sun shines”. When you travel out-of-season it feels more relaxed. No one is rushing to make money from the new arrivals, the locals are just getting on with their lives until next year’s rush. While not all the usual facilities may be available, I prefer getting chance to see the town as it would normally be.

Paris in Winter Travel Tips What to do in France

That’s my top five reasons for travelling in winter but honestly I could talk about this all day long. You might still visit a tourist trap, but you’re going to get the most unique view of it when they’re not expecting hoards of people to arrive.

What about you - when do you prefer to travel, and what’s your favourite place to visit in Winter? Let me know in the comments below

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