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Plus Size Blogger Fashion Inspiration

Hey Owlets,

I’ve got a bit of a story and a thank you for you today.

If you were following me on Twitter around the start of November, you may have seen everything kick off, but since it happened I’ve had to retell the story so many times that my family have convinced me to write a blog post.

Back in November last year I was invited to attend an event in West London which I was ridiculously excited about as I’m always looking for an excuse to flex my Oyster card. When I got there however, things really weren’t how I expected. 

When I got to the event I introduced myself as a blogger but was shrugged off so I went and sat down. A few minutes later the photographer called for a photo of all the bloggers together so I stood up, at which point he said “not you”. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I told him I was a blogger in case he didn’t realise - his response was “I know but not you” so I had to stand there watching these pretty Barbie-girl bloggers having their own mini photoshoot. I waited for a while but it was clear I wasn’t what they were looking for so I turned around and left. Quite rightly I was upset - I felt like the fat cheerleader that no one wanted- so I tweeted a bit of a moan as I walked back to Shepherd’s Bush station.

Plus Size Blogger Fashion Inspiration

By the time I got to Paddington my phone had frozen because of all the notifications. I checked Twitter to find that some bright spark had looked at my Instagram stories from when I arrived, put two and two together and started a flurry of tweets telling the brand that they were out of line. 

This continued all night long with someone even starting a thread about “why @theowletblog should’ve been who you focused on”. Until now I don’t think I’d ever realised just how powerful you, my amazing followers, really are and it gave me an idea.

Earlier that same day I’d fallen in love with a coat in Oxford Circus Primark - the only issue was that they didn’t have it in my size and for some reason it wasn’t listed on the system which led to me spending maybe 3 hours travelling round London Primark stores looking for the size 20 coat of my dreams. Having slept on it, I remembered what had happened the day before and wondered if I could use this power to my advantage, so I tweeted a picture and asked that if anyone went past their local Primark they would check the store for me, and if they didn’t live near one to retweet it so maybe someone else would see it, but I never expected the response that I got.

Within 2 days over 50 stores had been visited. I had tweets from people that had nothing to do so went into their local town/city just to visit Primark for me, which was incredible, but no one found anything.

Plus Size Blogger Fashion Inspiration

On the evening of the second day, I had a tweet from one of my followers that works in Primark telling me that the coat was now on their system and there was one available in Birmingham, so I dropped everything to call and reserve it.

That Saturday I was visiting a friend in Brum so dragged her to pick up my long-awaited coat. Less than a week after this mad journey began I was sat in a cafe cursing the unseasonably warm weather as I overheated in my new ensemble.

So this post is a thank you to all of you! And an apology if since then you’ve gotten absolutely sick of seeing my beloved embroidered coat on every social media platform that I have - it’s fair to say it was worth all the effort to get it, and what I love even more is that I now know just how much we can achieve together if we put our minds to it.

Thank you all - much appreciated!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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