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Plus Size Holiday Fashion in Malaga

Hey Owlets!

I'm still in holiday mode and that's very much helped by the growing list of travel/fashion/ holiday content that I keep wanting to write. One of the things that I was really keen about was documenting what I wore in each new city, as when I was buying and packing for this trip, I was struggling to know what to wear (although I did wear almost everything I took with me!). I'm trying a new format today focusing on only one outfit, so let me know if you like it!

Plus Size Holiday Fashion in Malaga

At the start of this year I spotted this green jumpsuit on Yours Clothing and fell in love with it, but it was £35 and I talked myself out of buying it because I had nowhere to wear it. However, with only 6 days to shop I was trawling through the summer sales and found my beloved jumpsuit, now reduced, and I couldn't have clicked "Add to Basket" fast enough. I did feel a bit awkward wearing this on the first day as I wasn't sure if it was too over the top or not, but one of the staff members on the ship actually came after me to ask where I got it, so I think I chose well! It also helped that Dad was wearing an obnoxiously loud shirt that day, so I knew that if I did look like an idiot, at least I wasn't alone in that.

Plus Size Holiday Fashion in Malaga

I kept things pretty simple for the rest of my outfit as my jumpsuit was so loud, so paired it with my trusty Converses (well, the cheapo Shoe Zone ones because they're more comfortable than Converse) although if I'd have had a pair of those fancy trainers with the pom poms on I probably would've gone all out and worn them too. 

My bag choice was pretty uninspiring, but I knew I'd probably want to cart my 5D with me everywhere I went (spoiler alert - it was firmly attached to my face for the whole two weeks) so I wanted a bag that wasn't like "Hey, there's expensive things in here" and was easy to carry. I bought this plain black rucksack from F&F (good old Tesco) for £18 and to be honest it's more sturdy than any more expensive alternative -  and the zips were rose gold, so that's a bonus.

Plus Size Holiday Fashion in Malaga

The one thing I really need to mention are my sunglasses, and I feel like I'm going to get a lot of hate for them but I don't care - they were great. Unfortunately, absolutely nowhere will do prescription sunglasses in five days, I can't wear contacts and I'd be walking into lamp posts without my glasses so Dad suggested buying a clip on pair. In my mind this conjured up images of 1980s catalogue models with giant shoulder pads walking round with flipped up aviators, but I wasn't about to spend two weeks with a migraine so I was desperate enough to buy some. 

I had a look on Amazon and found a pair of clip on lenses that were roughly the same size and shape as my glasses, with a small clip that was mostly hidden. These ones were less than £10 with next-day delivery and were surprisingly sturdy. Of course I would've preferred a pair of RayBans, but unless you looked at me really closely you couldn't tell that they were clipped on at all, and by choosing opaque lenses you couldn't see the frames underneath. No sun headaches, and all lamp posts were left undisturbed.

Plus Size Holiday Fashion in Malaga

Considering I wasn't sure about this outfit when I first got dressed it ended up being one of my favourite looks from the whole trip, but that was a pretty common theme throughout. A lot of what I packed was so different to my usual style that I needed a bit of a push to wear them. 

I hope you liked this different way of doing things - let me know if you like me focusing on one outfit as I have a lot more to show you!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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