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Morning Owlets,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet recently - things have been so busy that I've not had chance to sit down and chat to you on anything other than social media. I thought today we could have a bit of a catch up and do another "Follow Me To" post. I stopped doing these because I felt like it was getting boring when I was always going to Birmingham and doing the same things (I know, I'm a bit of a creature of habit) but I promise today I actually did something different.

I actually got into Birmingham pretty late because my train was delayed and I needed to run some errands so didn't get to go for a wander until mid afternoon. I'll be honest, it's difficult to break a habit so I went for lunch sat at my usual table on the balcony of Pitcher and Piano. I decided today that I wanted to do something a bit different, so instead of heading back into the city, I walked down the canal. I wasn't really sure where I was going but it was nice to see a part of the city that I've not had chance to explore before.

Happy Hour Cocktails at Temple Street Las Iguanas in Birmingham Food Drinks Review

I think I'd managed to walk about 3 miles before my friend rang me to say she'd finished work, so we met up and went for a cocktail together. The main reason I was up in Birmingham was for the Las Iguanas launch event. The restaurant, on Temple Street in the city centre, had been open less than a week and we'd been invited to see what we thought. So, after a cocktail, we headed over to the the launch to check it out.

Staff doing the Macarena Happy Hour Cocktails at Temple Street Las Iguanas in Birmingham Food Drinks Review

When we got to Las Iguanas we were invited to make our own cocktail, which was a little messy but really good fun. We then sat down and ordered drinks and food. I've never actually visited a Las Iguanas before but I was really impressed. While we were there, there was music blaring and everyone was having a chat and a laugh. My highlight of the evening has to be when all of the staff abandoned their jobs to do the macarena, and I love how many people joined in (believe me, if I wasn't taking photos I would've!!!).

Happy Hour Cocktails at Temple Street Las Iguanas in Birmingham Food Drinks Review

When we first went to order I did have a bit of trouble because of my squid allergy - unfortunately it's become very popular which makes it near impossible for me to eat out. Most of the starters are deep fried so if you're trying to be healthy it's probably not the best place to eat, but for me it was difficult to find something that wouldn't be cooked with squid. Between trying to be gluten free and having a squid allergy there wasn't a single starter I could have, so forgetting the gluten free aspect I had a duck wrap that I was recommended by the waitress. It was nice enough but a bit too spicy for me and to be honest it was nothing to write home about. I think it was just a bit of a let down because there were loads of amazing starters which I couldn't have.

Happy Hour Cocktails at Temple Street Las Iguanas in Birmingham Food Drinks Review

One thing I have to say is how great the staff were. I hate eating in places that serve squid because I feel like I'm being a nuisance, but our waitress was so accommodating and made sure that my main course was prepared completely separately as well. We had a few more cocktails while we were waiting which were lovely. I needed to leave at 9pm for my train and at 8:30pm we still didn't have our main courses. I asked the waitress if it was possible to hurry them as I had to leave (I felt super guilty asking but didn't want to have to walk out of dinner if they were just cooking it), and 10 minutes later our whole table's meals arrived which I really appreciated. I had sea bass which came with muscles, prawns, rice and this amazing sauce. It was so tasty - just a shame I had to eat so quickly and run, but that wasn't their fault.

Happy Hour Cocktails at Temple Street Las Iguanas in Birmingham Food Drinks Review

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal and would definitely go back there. It was a really fun evening as well - not just sitting down to eat. It's also happy hour all day every day so it's always 2 for 1 cocktails, and I feel like that would appeal to a lot of you! It was actually really nice to do something different in Brum for a change - it's inspired me to look further outside of the city centre, so if you have any suggestions of where to go I'd love to hear them. I also have to say a massive thank you to Las Iguanas for the invite! I think this might be my new regular spot.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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