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Shrouds of the Somme Exhibition Aerospace Bristol SSAFA community volunteering

Hey Owlets,

I can't believe it but it's time for another Month in Pictures already! September is a little lacking in the exciting events department but it's not been any less busy - mostly I've been locked away at home working on my Christmas content as I'm going to be travelling in October and won't have a lot of free time, so I've spared you the 30 photos of laptops and stuck to the interesting bits in between. Sorry if this month is a bit thin on the ground but I promise October will be better!

Gromit Unleashed 2 Trail Bristol Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

We start the month with me needing to escape the house and feel some outside air on my skin. 2nd September was one of those rare days when Mum, Dad and I all had nothing to do, so we headed down to the harbour for a coffee in the sunshine. It actually happened to be the last day of Gromit Unleashed where statues of Wallace and Gromit appear all around the city before being auctioned off to raise money for The Grand Appeal. This is "Wallambard" sitting outside the entrance to one of his inspiration's most famous projects, the SS Great Britain. I really wish I'd made the effort to visit more of these statues, especially as there was a Gromit inspired by Monsters Inc. Unfortunately I think it's one of those things where you never make the most of what's in your backyard.

Bristol Balloons Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

Strangely, for someone who lives several miles outside of the city and very rarely visits, I seem to have spent a lot of time in the centre this month, either soaking up the last bit of sunshine or meeting friends. On 4th September I met up with my friend Stacey and as usual we were so busy chatting that I didn't actually take any photos other than of the pretty balloons as I was walking down to meet her. I'm not sure if they're permanent or not, but these balloons have quickly become one of my favourite things to see when I'm out running errands, and they light up at night which is absolutely beautiful.

Bristol Harbour Boat Trip Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

On 9th September I was back in town again, this time to go on a boat trip rather than just looking at them. One of our family friends is in a band with his wife, and each year they organise a day trip where you sail up the river, stop at the tea garden for lunch, then sail back while they play live on board. It's not something we'd ever done before but thought we'd give it a go and it was great - a little cold as we were getting towards Autumn at that point, but we threw on a coat, hid from the rain and kept going in true British spirit!

Bradley stoke community radio bristol blogger volunteering

13th September was an important day for BSR, as it marked five years since we first started broadcasting on 103.4FM. We held a birthday party live on Drive Time with music, cake and a studio rammed full of people to celebrate with. I do have photos of that, but I thought you might prefer to have a laugh at 2011 Becky instead - it's fair to say I've improved with age! The best part is we've been awarded an extension so we can carry on making noise until 2023 - although it's terrifying thinking that the mid 20s is only 5 years away!

Bristol Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

15th September was another special day as my friend Tom was changing jobs, meaning he wouldn't be working at my local train station anymore. We met when I first started travelling the country and since then I've gotten to know everyone pretty well so it was lovely to get chance to see them outside of the station walls. If you look carefully you might just about spot me on the right hand side!

Cabot Circus Bristol Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

On 20th September I was back in the city centre again, this time making the most of Tom's week off. It's very rare I get to take time to enjoy being in the city centre so it made a nice change. We started with a round of mini golf (turns out we're both equally terrible at it), then went for dinner and cocktails, which was great until we left and realised we had to walk back to the train station in the rain! I'm still not used to the more Autumnal weather, so I didn't think to bring a coat and really regretted it when I got absolutely soaked. Also, I chose this picture over any others just to show you the balloons glowing at night in the background, although annoyingly my phone didn't want to capture them well so you need to head down there to appreciate it in person.

Starbucks Cabot Circus Bristol Plus Size Fashion and Travel Blogger

The next day I was back in the city centre (I told you I'd gone from 0 to 100!), this time to meet up with my friend Lauren for a coffee and a chat after her holiday. She's a blogger too, which is great because you don't get strange looks every time you go to take a photo of your coffee or stop in the middle of the street to capture the perfect Instagram. As usual we chatted too much so this is the only photo I actually have from our day out.

Clifton Village Bristol Pub Food Where to eat

On 24th September I was back in town again, this time running errands with Dad. We'd gotten to that point where we both had 100 jobs to do in the city centre so we went together, got everything done and even stopped for lunch, although it was a necessity as we were getting a key cut and had to wait an hour for it to be finished, which obviously meant lunch. Clearly we were hungry, so try not to look too closely at the photo as we'd definitely already eaten half of it before taking a photo.

Mall Cribbs Causeway Sunset Bristol Travel blogger

On 29th September I was running more last minute errands before I go away next month, so yet again I forgot to take photos even though I'd had a really busy day. However, as I was walking back to the car I saw this beautiful sunset so had to stop and take a photo. I feel like my entire month has been running errands and working on my blog so I can take a month off, but it's been ridiculously busy even though I've not had many photos to show you.

Shrouds of the Somme Exhibition Aerospace Bristol SSAFA community volunteering

On 30th September I spent the day volunteering at the Shrouds of the Somme exhibition at Aerospace Bristol. The exhibition features a walkway which is the same height as the trenches would've been; the walls are lined with thousands of shrouds, each signifying one of the 72,396 Commonwealth soldiers who gave their life but has no known grave. The thing that made it feel more real for me was seeing every name listed around the outside walls of the trenches; watching people find their relatives on the name boards reminded you that each one is a human being - I even found someone that I'm possibly related to. The exhibition is on until 14th October in Bristol, before moving to London for the week of Armistice - if you find yourself with a free day either in London or Bristol I really would make the effort to go - it's incredible and something I really think you should see.

Bradley stoke community radio bristol blogger volunteering

That's it for my September in Pictures - it feels like just as I've written last month it's already time for the next one. I can't believe how quickly 2018 has flown by, and the fact that it's already Halloween next month. Unfortunately I've had to skip that holiday as I'm going to be travelling, but when I'm back we'll be hitting the Christmas content hard. I've scheduled lots of posts for you while I'm away so enjoy those, and I look forward to reading any comments when I come back.

One more thing - I saw a post on Instagram saying "there's only 90 days left of 2018, make the most of it" so I thought I'd share it with you as I intend to do exactly that!

See you next month.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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