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What I Wore to Common People: Plus Size Festival Lookbook

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

Hey Owlets,

If you remember last month I was lucky enough to be invited to Common People Festival. One of the the things I struggled with most was trying to decide what to wear. If you search festival fashion it brings up hundreds of photos of skinny girls in over the top outfits and it really stressed me out, when I was already nervous about being at my first festival. So I thought it was time that we change that - here's what I wore to Common People.

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

On day one I really wasn't sure what to wear and I kind of had a mini wardrobe meltdown because I felt fat in everything. I ended up going for this dress from Primark over a pair of Yours Clothing jeans with some Converses. I really wasn't sure if this would work for a festival, but I think I fitted in well. The one thing I realised when I was wearing this is that a lot of people go way more out there with their style. The nice thing about Common People is that it was more of a family festival and everyone was really accepting, so there were people of all shapes and sizes wearing whatever they like.

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

Day two was probably my favourite outfit that I wore while I was there, and I've barely taken this jumpsuit off since. It came from Peacocks- I love them because their core range goes up to a size 22. The shoes are also from Peacocks and since I've worn them I honestly want to buy them in every colour, because they're perfect. This is one of the outfits that I got the most compliments on during the day - obviously I don't recommend wearing heels to a festival but I really wanted a photograph with them so I ended up just carrying them in my bag - the things I do for photos!

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

I definitely got braver with my outfit choices over the course of the weekend, maybe because it was my first festival, maybe because I felt like I was going to be the only plus size girl at the festival. I kind of cheated with this outfit - the festival was actually only two days long but I knew I wanted to shoot a festival look book while I was there so I ended up having to bring a second outfit to change into - good job it was a jumpsuit!! This is kind of a repeat of my second outfit - I find Peacocks to be quite hit or miss. Sometimes you go in and want to but EVERYTHING, then a week later you'll go in and see nothing, so if you find something you like make sure you buy it there and then.

Plus Size Festival Fashion Inspiration Look Book Common People Oxford

If I was going to give you a few festival style tips, I would say just go for it with your outfit - everyone had a "more is more" approach to sequins and glitter so I don't think you can go over the top. Trainers or ankle boots are an absolute must, if it's sunny wear something cool but make sure you bring something to cover up, and most of all just go with whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Hopefully this helps you if you're planning to go to any festivals this year. Being plus size at events like this isn't always great for your confidence, so just remember to be yourself - everyone is there to have fun and they probably haven't even noticed you!

Thanks again to Snazaroo for inviting me to Common People Festival. If you haven't already seen what I got up to over my weekend in Oxford then make sure you have a read of that next.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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