Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Follow Me To: Graduation!

Hey Owlets,

Today I have a particularly special "Follow Me To" post. In case you've not been on any social media in the last two weeks... I'M A GRADUATE!! I am going to be filming a Q&A and I've already had a few questions about applying so I intend to do a completely separate post about that, but for now I just wanted to be able to share my day with you. 

My graduation trip actually started the day before the ceremony. Our ceremony was at 10am and there was absolutely no chance that I was going to get ready and do my makeup ready to leave home at 7am so we stayed in a hotel. We decided to celebrate the night before so went to Cafe Rouge for dinner. We decided to use Tesco Clubcard points to pay for it. In case you didn't know, you can transfer points into vouchers and they're worth 4 times more, so £2.50 in points is £10 in vouchers (not sponsored - I just don't think anyone knows about it!). Anyway, to the point of the story. Dad called because the vouchers hadn't come through, and as per usual he got chatting to the man on the phone, saying that we were in Cardiff for graduation, so he gave us an extra £10 voucher to say congratulations. Not particularly relevant but I thought that was so lovely! The food was great as ever, and they're really good for gluten free food too. We then went back to the hotel, I opened the presents my parents kindly gave me then we all had an early night.

In the morning it was a massive rush to get my robes and walk to St David's Hall for the ceremony. All of the students sat downstairs - my family were sat right up in the gods but you could just about see the merry band of Ward family photographers (really glad I spent my birthday money on a long lens!). Throughout the ceremony we had entertainment from the amazing university band (I've never seen a room full of people so excited to hear someone playing the Toy Story theme tune!), and clapped as everyone processed through the ceremony. Someone asked me how it felt walking across the stage to shake the Chancellor's hand - honestly I don't know. I was so nervous that all I kept thinking was "Don't trip in front of all these people".

After the ceremony the first thing we did was run into Queen's Arcade to get a post grad essential - bubble slush from Bubble Base. This was pretty much what I lived on throughout my time at USW. We then headed back to the uni campus to take photos. As well as the professional photographs and the photos we took outside, the uni had set up a photo booth, which of course we had to make the most of with some stupid poses. Not quite sure how we managed to fit us all in, but we did it!

After taking our photos I returned my robes and left my parents sat in the sunshine while Adam and I went to see my lecturers - they'd set up for us to have a drink and chat near our lecture room which was lovely but by this point we were exhausted. We stayed for a little while then went home and got straight in the pool - it was very much necessary after a day of wearing robes in 30ยบ heat!

I hope you enjoyed the run through of my day. If you'd like to watch what I got up to, check out my graduation vlog below.

I've also just uploaded a University Q&A if you fancy hearing gossip from the last three years of uni life.

Speak soon!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet ๐Ÿ’œ 

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