Friday, 28 July 2017

Follow Me To: SS Great Britain Summer Party

Hey Owlets,

I've been very lucky with what I've been up to recently so I have another Follow Me To post for you today. I'm fortunate that I get to travel the country, but Bristol is hands down my favourite city, especially around the harbour, so when I was invited to SS Great Britain's summer launch party I couldn't wait.

When we walked in there were drinks and nibbles to help yourself to. We kind of weren't sure what to expect so grabbed a drink and sat down. A few minutes later, they announced that a band would be playing, called The Lounge Cat Ideals. I tend to be a bit resistant to change in my playlists - I like the bands I like and that's it but they were amazing! Only four local bands have ever made it into my playlist, and The Lounge Cat Ideals may well be number five. Also have to give them extra points as half way through a song, the guy in the back's guitar strap broke and he not only caught the guitar but also managed to reattach the strap all while continuing to play. That's some serious talent.

We were then given chance to look around before  a performance from Cirque Bijou about "crossing the line" which is when the ship crosses the equator. I feel like normally these types of performances would usually be focused on entertaining children, and while it did do that, in most of my video clips you can't actually hear what they performers are saying over Dad's laughter next to me, so I think that's a pretty good sign! The children who'd sat down to watch it, me at 21 and Dad at... a little older all enjoyed the performance. They're performing daily throughout summer, and it was really fun to watch but the only thing I wonder is that for little ones excited about exploring, the performance might be a little bit long for them.

While we were walking around there were actors playing Victorian characters. I'm so pleased with the image of the mother and child - at this point they weren't acting and were simply watching the band so I love that it's a natural photo. 

While we were walking around, we met some upper class Victorian gentlemen. This man offered to take a photo, then took my camera and ran away. The gentleman we took the photo with explained that he's a peasant and he makes money by selling stolen objects, apparently digital cameras don't have much worth in the Victorian era because a few minutes later he gave it back to me as he couldn't sell it. He did leave me with his mug shot though!!

Somewhat ironically considering we were visiting the SS Great Britain, we never actually made it on the ship. The weather was gorgeous while we were listening to the band and watching Cirque Bijou perform but obviously mother nature was watching because just as we walked upstairs to go onto the ship it started tipping it down and we all left. Even though I've been on the ship a few times I was still disappointed that I didn't get chance to have a look round while it was quieter - especially as I was going to finally pluck up the courage to climb the rigging! Oh well, Cirque Bijou are performing all summer and considering the ship since 1970, I doubt it's going anywhere any time soon.

When I visited with Adam last year I did a tour around the ship so if you want to see inside, click above to watch! Question of the day - would you be brave enough to climb the rigging like Adam did? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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