How to Have a Cosy, Spacious, Family Christmas

From flickering candles and twinkling lights to crackling fires and delicious aromas, Christmas is a lovely time of year.

Spending it with family and friends is even better. We’ve got a few ideas for how to make sure all your guests have a comfy, cosy, convivial Christmas.

Clear Some Space

Even if it’s just for one or two days, those times are amongst the most important in the year. For lots of us, space is the biggest issue. With that in mind, decide which commonly used items you can do without for the duration.

If you need space just for kids to play, or some room for family Christmas games, consider removing some furniture.

Prime candidates you probably won’t miss include:

  • Floor lamps

  • Bookcases

  • Sports equipment

  • Hobby stuff, especially crafting cabinets or the stash off shelves.

  • Footstools or chests that can’t also be seats.

  • Anything fragile you worry might be damaged.

You can replace the ambiance that normally comes from floor lamps by hanging extra fairy light garlands around the walls. With battery operated sets you can take light all over the house so it’s easy to make sure Christmas is in all the rooms, even bathrooms.

While you’re considering which furnishings you can remove to make more space, also think about clearing surfaces. Ornaments and photos in frames are good examples. The areas those items take up could become a pop-up bar or buffet table as well as offering somewhere uncluttered for seasonal decorations or cards.

Make Space More Efficient

People love being in the kitchen when they’re visiting. It’s always the heart of the home, filled with tasty treats and nurturing activity.

In the Kitchen:

  • Clear surfaces as much as possible by removing equipment not being used. If you don’t need it at all over Christmas, pack it up properly and pop it into a self storage unit.

  • Add an extra stool or two at the breakfast bar or island if you have them.

  • Clear out the fridge and defrost the freezer so you can fit more celebration food in there. Buy some flat storage tubs for the fridge to help with the leftovers.

  • Eat from the pantry for a couple of weeks in the run up to Christmas. That way you can clear cupboard space for the extras without piling them up on the worktops.

In the Living and Dining Rooms

  • Push furnishings and seats back against the walls to make the most of the central floor space in smaller rooms.

  • Have a smaller tree that can stand on a table or other surface. Tall, narrow trees fit in tight spaces easily and look just as beautiful.

  • If possible, mount the TV on the wall to free up a whole extra corner for seating.

  • Use folding chairs and nesting tables.

Creative Dining

Getting everyone round the dining table can be a challenge. If you really can’t give everyone the elbow room they need, do something different:

  • Have a Christmas buffet. Cook the usual fayre, but place everything in lovely serving dishes set out to one side of the room. Let everyone help themselves then sit anywhere they like, with lap trays if that’s more comfortable. You can still have a few table settings for those who prefer it, but lots of people these days prefer to go more casual when dining.

  • Set a special Christmas table just for the children. Keep it close by so they feel included and use fun place settings with activity-based decorations, such as a tablecloth they can colour in as they eat.

  • Use tiered dishes to save space on the table. They’re useful for condiments as well as cakes and small treats.

Beyond the Festivities

Over Christmas, we always seem to accumulate so much extra stuff. All those extra possessions must go somewhere, and a self storage room is the perfect place. Especially if you like the new streamlined appearance of your home once you’ve done the early decluttering.

But it’s not just the extra furnishings, place settings or serving dishes and cookware. It’s also the tree and it’s decorations, the light garlands, nativity scenes, and holders for cards and candles.

Packing all those items up and storing them in your self storage room is the ideal solution. There’s sure to be local self storage wherever you live in the country.

If you’ve been pondering on how to make the most of what space you have this Christmas, early planning so you can use one or two of these ideas will help set the scene for a very special, cosy, and memorable family Christmas.

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