A Beginners Guide to Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of home design. It affects everything from mood to ambience and even the way that you interact with your living space. Lighting can be for safety purposes or to simply make a room look more aesthetically pleasing - but it's also wise to consider how much light an area receives before adding additional sources. This post will cover all of the basics of indoor lighting, including benefits, types, and placement!

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Task Lighting 

There are many uses of task lighting, and they can suit any room. First, decide what you want the lights for: do you need general illumination as well? Once you decide, choose a lamp or fixture accordingly. Task lighting is an excellent choice for living rooms, bedrooms and recreation areas. These types of lights are for illuminating specific activities or tasks at hand.

Many homeowners choose task lights in their shared spaces because they're functional and add an extra element of interest to the room's d├ęcor. Not only that, but they can also be a great way to highlight items that are otherwise difficult to see. The first step in choosing the perfect task light is finding one with an adjustable neck or head, so you can shine it exactly where needed. For example, if you plan on reading for extended periods in your bedroom, choose LED bulbs without shade, so the light shines down directly on your book or magazine.

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting is an affordable way to bring colour into and make your home comfortable. You can use it in a variety of spaces, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. You can also use it to highlight attractive features in your room, such as artwork or a fireplace.

Adding ambient light is simple and easy to do with the right products. You will want to purchase something like table lamps or floor lamps that are close enough, so they create bright but diffused lighting for every corner of a space. If you have huge rooms, then you might consider using multiple light sources for the best results.

Another way to add ambient lighting is by creating a type of chandelier in your space. You can do this with LED strip lights and some PVC pipes or wooden dowels cut down into smaller pieces to hold them up. This is very inexpensive but creates a fantastic effect that is sure to impress.

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is a great way to set an environment and mood in your home. It's most often essential for highlighting artwork or architectural elements but can also be an ambient light when the rest of the room is dark.  It can even create visual interest by reflecting off textured surfaces like wainscoting or unique flooring.

Accent lighting comes in many shapes and forms, from recessed lights to chandeliers and sconces. Lamps of every shape, size, colour, and design can serve as accent pieces for any room or exterior space. However, when selecting an area for your accent lighting, choosing a suitable lamp is essential, as the wrong choice can make a room look gaudy and out of place.

Surface Lighting

Surface lighting is an essential element in any interior design. It provides a reflective light that bounces off the walls, ceilings, and floors to give your living space depth and ambience. While it's conducive for darker rooms without windows or ceiling lights, surface mounted fixtures can also be helpful as accent lighting to highlight certain features of your room.

Track Lights

Track lights are a great option for lighting large rooms with high ceilings. A track light system consists of tracks with multiple fixtures attached to them, and you can adjust the whole thing as needed. They work exceptionally well over kitchen islands and other areas where you need good general illumination without harsh shadows.

Portable Lights 

Portable lights are a smart choice for people who want to add lighting without making any permanent changes. You can use them as nightlights, hallways or closets and because they're portable, you can easily move these lamps where you need them most. When purchasing one of these lamps, make sure the cord is long enough to reach an outlet. Keep in mind that if you plan on using the lamp for several hours at a time, it is best to invest in an energy-saving light bulb.


By using lighting in your home, you can achieve stunning results that impact everyone who steps inside. You might also consider adding other decorative elements such as plants or artwork to create a truly unique look for your space. Just remember that every little touch counts when it comes to decorating, and lighting is one of the essential features to consider.

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