Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Hey Owlets,

It's coming up to that time of year again where we celebrate the dads in our lives. The only issue is that I haven't managed to get my head around being almost half way through 2021 already, so I'm totally unprepared - if I'm honest the first time Father's Day registered in my mind was when I received an email about last minute gifts! Something about the phrase "last minute" really does snap me back to reality, because I'm pretty sure that's a personality trait for me at this point! So in case you're usually a bit last minute like me I thought I would share a few suggestions I've found while shopping for my own Dad.

Go For Something Personalised

I know this isn't really a suggestion of a product, but I always love giving someone a personalised gift. It doesn't matter what you choose to get somebody - it just feels so much more special and like you've put extra thought into a gift which has their name on. If you're quite last minute like me then you can be put off buying a personalised item because it feels like it won't arrive in time, but as long as you look for someone that offers express delivery times then there shouldn't be an issue. A personalised pen is a great option because it's something that they can take to work with them, or just leave around the home for when they need to quickly grab a pen. You're guaranteed a smile every time they see it! Personalised pens sound like an expensive gift idea, but they're actually really affordable. I've looked on Amazon and there's one for £3, the average price to pay is around £15 and you can spend anything up to £30+ if you want something really unique. I chose Amazon because their shipping is always really fast and a great option if you're last minute like me. This one is £15, offers free personalisation and delivers in 3 days.

Choose a Special Piece of Jewellery

I feel like jewellery is stereotypically a suggestion for women, but why should it be? It depends on what your Dad is like - personally mine only really wears a watch - but if your Dad wears a lot of suits then a special set of cufflinks could be a really good gift idea. I personally prefer to shop pre-owned- not only is it a more sustainable way to shop, but it also makes it much easier to find something unique. Particularly with mens antique jewellery - things like cufflinks don't tend to be worn that often, so they're usually in really good condition and you can find really special pieces without having to look too hard. When you're thinking about the kind of jewellery you want to buy, just think about what your Dad does, when he would wear them and what for. If they're only for special occasions then choosing something like the gold pair above is a great option - if he's likely to wear them every day then maybe choose something a little more understated so it goes with everything.

A Unique Glass (even if it's ornamental)

This suggestion comes off the back of a "usual gift" in my family. Occasions like Father's Day is the time where you tend to buy personalised drinking glasses or mugs. Sometimes I might buy one that's actually intended to be used, other times I choose something that's just cool to look at. If you have a similar tradition then a German beer stein could be a really cool gift idea. I love the idea of them because of the history that's rooted in their design, but also because there are so many different designs so you can be sure you'll find one relating to something your Dad loves. For our family it's obviously anything maritime, so this ship design caught my eye!


I don't know about you, but my Dad loves a good gadget - I feel like it's just a typical Dad thing. If you're struggling for ideas then just Google "cool gadgets" and you're bound to find something! In case you've already done that, here's a few of my top picks to hopefully inspire you.

My first choice is the Moleskin Smart Writing set. Basically it's a notebook with a smart pen that connects to an app. Everything that you write in the notebook transfers via bluetooth to an app on your phone so you have a digital copy as well. You can edit the notes on your phone too. Even if your dad just makes quick notes like the shopping list, it's still a great gift! Particularly if your Dad is as forgetful as mine!!

If you're looking for something a little more fun than useful, then I have an option that's a little risky. Panic are well known for making games for both for Mac and iOS, and they're now coming out with their own games console, called the Playdate. All of the games are free to download and you get a new one every week - I want one of these SO BADLY! The catch is that it's a kickstarter-type campaign, and they haven't started taking pre-orders yet. I really hope they do soon though - even if you give your Dad an IOU, it looks worth the wait.

My final thought if you're really stuck is that you cant go wrong with food or drinks. If you know they like to experiment with trying different things then this oil and vinegar set could be a really good idea. If they have a favourite chocolate then buy that, or see if there's a different flavour that they might like to try. If there's a particular drink that they like then buy that, or find a unique spin on it. If they like flavoured gins then try to find a gin that they've not tried before. The possibilities are honestly endless, just have a think and then do some googling. 

Hopefully these suggestions have helped you a little if you're stuck. If you're like me it can be easy to feel daunted and not know where to start, but as long as you've put time, effort and thought into the gift that will be obvious and your Dad is bound to appreciate it!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜

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