Why your Dog Sleeps so Much + How to Help

You know that feeling when you’ve had a late night and you have to drag yourself into work pretending you’re put together when really you’re on coffee number 3 and you’ve not even brushed your hair? Now imagine going for a run when you feel like that - welcome to the life of your dog.

It’s well known that dogs, some breeds more than others, sleep a lot. According to Lords and Labradors most adult dogs sleep around 12-15 hours per day - 50% of their day is spent sleeping and 30% resting but not asleep, so play time actually only makes up around 20% of their day. 

Now it might seem like they don’t actually do much, but your furry friend’s active time is usually spent playing, running around or going on long walks. If you think about when you have a really busy day you probably come home and flop on the sofa and complain about how tired you are - your dog is doing the exact same thing. And just like us they need to rest to keep healthy and help them to recover from any illnesses or injuries.

Now we’ve cleared up why your dog sleeps so much let’s talk about how to help them get a good rest. It might seem like they can sleep on any surface and at any time of day but like us the quality of sleep can vary wildly just like it does for us. Lords and Labradors have produced an infographic as part of their #SleepForDogs campaign that helps give you an idea on how to help your dog get better quality sleep so they have more energy to play with you when they wake up.

As humans we put a lot of time and effort into making our bedrooms cosy places to spend time and to make sure that we’re as comfortable as possible to help us get the best quality sleep. We need to be making sure that you do the exact same for your dog in order for them to get the most out of their naps. Their bed needs to be the right size for their breed as well as being soft so they can snuggle. The same applies if your dog sleeps in a crate - make sure that inside they have a padded bed that they can curl up and feel safe in.

My second biggest tip is to think about what your dog would need if they were a human child, because the needs are pretty similar. Don’t play with your dog just before you want them to go to sleep because they’ll be too excited. Instead, create a calming bed time routine. Take them to the bathroom just before bed and maybe let them sit with you for a little to relax before they go to their own bed. It’s not just you that’s enjoying that time spent cuddling on the sofa!!

For more tips make sure you head to the Lords and Labradors article to check out their infographic to help you ensure your dog is getting the best out of every night’s sleep.

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