What to Get New Mums for Mother’s Day

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Hey Owlets,

I don’t know about you but I’ve come to that awkward stage in life where it feels like all of my friends are getting married or having kids, and I’m over here still wondering what to do with my life and why I still feel like I’m 18 and totally clueless. Adapting to actually being an adult is a bit odd - like it or not I’m a little bit more of an adult than I was two years ago. It’s exhausting just keeping myself healthy, never mind a child, so I wanted to get my friends something to make them smile or make their lives easier, but when you don’t have children it’s hard to know where to start. With that in mind I’ve done some research so if you feel like cheering up your friend, either on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year then I have some ideas of perfect gifts for you!

The “I Don’t Know Where to Start” Gift

As a freelance copywriter I’m used to coming across topics that I don’t feel 100% knowledgeable on and it’s really daunting. The same feeling applies when trying to find someone the perfect gift - if it’s a common interest it’s usually pretty easy, but when you want to find something to make them smile and your only experience with kids is maybe babysitting once in your entire life it can feel a little impossible. Enter The Baby Hamper Company. I came across this company while scrolling the internet for suggestions and it’s everything I needed. They offer individual gifts which you can get personalised for a guaranteed win with your friend, create your own hamper, or if you’re like me and totally clueless then they have a huge range of pre-made hampers to choose from for various price ranges. The hampers come with some personalised items to make it feel extra special, and I love that they have a gender neutral box too. If you have absolutely no idea where to start (or even if you do) then a baby hamper would absolutely be a winner.

Baby Clothes

I feel like baby clothes are a very safe gift in terms of shopping because you know your friend’s personality and anything that makes you say “that’s adorable” the second you lay eyes on it is bound to be a winner. However, a safe gift doesn’t necessarily mean a bad gift. Every time I chat to my friend she says how much her son has grown and how he’s gone up *yet another clothes size*. You hear from every parent that children are expensive so helping them out by treating them to some baby clothes will definitely be appreciated.

Somewhere to Store Memories

A big part of parenting is appreciating all the little things and enjoying making memories - I’m 24 now and Mum still has her favourite dress from when I was a baby in the loft because she can’t bear to part with it. It’s a pretty fair assumption that as a parent your friend is going to end up with lots of things they want to keep but nowhere to keep them safe. Buying a memories or keepsake box is a great idea because it gives your friend somewhere to keep everything together and it feels much more special than just throwing things in a plastic tub and hoping they stay safe. You can also find great options for personalisation on platforms like Etsy - you could choose your friend’s favourite colour of have their child’s name engraved on the box to make it extra special.

Something to Relax

Getting something to help your friend with the cost of raising a child is great, as are things like memory boxes, but it’s also important to remember your friend’s mental health. Saying that parenting is a full time job is a little insulting - it’s being on call and working 24/7 and I can’t imagine how exhausting that is. Treat them to a bottle of their favourite wine, some chocolates or even a nice mug to make them smile when they pour their morning coffee. Just a little something to make them smile on a difficult day will be appreciated more than you can imagine. Most parents end up spending all of their money on bills and their children so giving them something of their own to enjoy will make the world of difference.

A Gift Card

Finally, if you want to help out or get your friend something but you have no idea what and none of my suggestions seem right then something like a gift card would be brilliant. I feel like people tend to worry that a gift card looks like you made no effort, but when raising a child is so expensive just having a little helping hand will be appreciated more than you know. You could get a gift card for a well-known store in your local area that offers baby products, or something like a skincare shop so your friend can have a treat for themselves. If you’re really stuck then even just an Amazon gift card would be really appreciated - you never know how much someone is struggling and that gift card could allow them to buy something that they really need but have been putting off this whole time.

I hope these ideas help you if you’re looking to cheer up your friend or help out a new Mum. Just remember that while buying your friend a gift would be really appreciated, just giving them time to vent to you and offering someone who will genuinely listen is just as good of a gift as anything you could buy online.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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