How to Create the Perfect Valentines Day Gift

All I Need is Gin graphic from Cut That Design

Valentines Day can be one of the more awkward holidays - if you’re in a new relationship you might not be sure if your partner wants to celebrate it, and if you’ve been together for a while then you probably ran through all of the typical flowers/chocolates/ cliche heart shaped gifts a long time ago. If you’re stuck for ideas then making something is the perfect option for you. Making something guarantees that your gift is unique, plus you can make it more personal and they’ll appreciate that you took the time and effort to make a gift for them.

I realise that when I say “make a gift” it most likely brings back memories of poorly crafted projects from your childhood, but there are some easy ways to cheat so your gift looks like you could’ve paid a professional to make it.

Cards made with "You got a Pizza my Heart", "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You" and 

"Ice Cream Design 1" from Cut That Design

What to Make 

Just deciding what to make can feel daunting in itself, but just think about what your partner likes and go from there. If you’re really good at baking then make their favourite sweet treat, put it in a box and wrap it really nicely - you could even make your own custom label to show you’ve gone the extra mile.

Another idea (and my personal favourite) is a scrapbook. This is particularly good if you and your partner love travelling or have a crazy hobby that you like doing together, but it would even be a great way to document everything that’s happened throughout your relationship because the little things are just as important as the bigger moments. You could buy a photo album or even just a notebook, then print out your favourite images to add to it. You can give it a more home made look by adding stickers and titles.

You could also make a personalised Valentines card. Yes, I know you can just buy a pre-made one to be delivered to your home but it’s still not as special as making something from scratch. It’s easy to make and you don’t need any special software - you can use online publishing tools like Canva to help you. Canva has preset sizes and even templates to choose from so if it’ll be more unique than something shop bought and look great even if you’re not creative. An even better option would be to use Canva’s size template so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong, but then create your own card rather than using a design template. You can put all of your favourite photos on the card and download graphics from the internet, like these that I used from Cut That Design, to make it even more unique so it fits your partner’s taste perfectly.

Scrapbook page made using "You Make my Heart Smile quote", "Caterpillar Love Bug"

"Patterned Hearts Designs 2" from Cut That Design

How to Make it Look Good 

So you’ve decided you’re going to make something but you’re worried it’s going to look like a school project gone wrong. I have you covered! There are a few very easy cheats to make things look great, even if you feel like you don’t have any creative ability.

Rather than drawing anything and stressing about how it’s going to look, look online for graphics to add to your scrapbook or card design to make it look amazing but still handmade and personalised. My first port of call is Cut That Design. They offer a massive range of free graphics that you can download to use on any project. They have plenty of your classic free Valentines graphics to add to your cards if you and your partner are more romantic, but if you prefer to have a bit of a laugh and do Valentines Day in a more comedy fashion then they also have pages of free graphics to suit you too. I personally love the “you have a pizza my heart” graphic, because I love pizza but can’t eat gluten. There’s nowhere to get gluten free pizza near our home so I’m always left craving it and complaining that we can’t have it, so it’s a little bit harsh but makes me laugh. My close second choice is “All I Need is Gin”, because if I’m honest, same. 

When you’re planning your design, a good place to start is thinking about what your partner likes. If they’re a massive foodie (like me and my boyfriend) then food puns are always a good idea. If you travel together then include references about that, and try to think about the colours you use as well. Choosing their favourite colour for the font will prove how well you know them, and is guaranteed to make them smile!

Gift tags made using "You're Cherry Sweet" & "Hugs, Kisses and Valentines Wishes" 

Graphics from Cut That Design

How to Present It-

Whatever you chose to make, presenting your gift in a more special way gives the final bit of wow-factor. If you’ve chosen a card then you’ll probably just be putting it in the envelope, but you can still decorate the envelope by using graphics and photos to make it extra special.

If you chose to make a scrapbook or bake their favourite treat then it’s much easier to make the wrapping look special. Put it in a box that’s their favourite colour (or wrap it in their favourite colour using tissue paper) and either create your own gift tag using graphics, or create stickers by printing out some graphics and adding them to the wrapping paper with a little glue or double sided tape for a simple way to make it more personal.

Whatever you do, as long as you think about the things that make them happy, their favourite colours and show that you’ve put time and effort into making them something unique then they’re guaranteed to love it!

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