Ways to Beat Lockdown Blues

If you’ve been suffering from a mental health and wellbeing perspective this year, you can at least take some solace in knowing that you’re far from the only one. Lockdown has been tough on most of us, and as we now enter the next lockdown phase, it’s important to start thinking about how you can look after yourself.

As tough as it might seem at times, it certainly is possible to fight back against the lockdown blues, so don’t feel as if these feelings are purely inevitable. Sure, it’s going to be tough, but there are ways to manage and make the best of an undoubtedly bad situation.

We’re going to talk today about some of the things you might want to do in order to fight back against the lockdown blues and make the most of the situation we all, yet again, find ourselves in. So read on to find out more.

Try Not to Binge Social Media and Rolling News Coverage

One mistake many people made during the first lockdown was spending too much time binging social media. It can seem like a healthy way to stay engaged and in touch with what’s going on in the world at first, but it quickly becomes an unhealthy addiction that’s hard to break. The same applies to rolling news coverage. Tuning into these things compulsively may seem healthy at first but it quickly becomes anything but, so try not to binge them too heavily if possible. 

Learn to Master Your KItchen

One thing that will help to sustain you as we re-enter lockdown is food. You don’t want to get into the unhealthy habit of ordering in takeaway food all the time. Instead, you should make the effort and take the time to master your kitchen. Doing so will enable you to produce healthy meals day after day, and also ensure that you come out of this second lockdown with a worthwhile and verifiable skill and that’s something that’s always worthwhile.

Unleash Your Creative Side

You might also want to make the effort to unleash your creative side this time around. Doing so enables you to do something productive and express yourself; two things that are certainly highly valuable during the lockdown period. Many people ended up feeling unfulfilled and unproductive after the first lockdown, so try to make sure that isn’t the case for you this time around because it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Establish Good Sleeping Habits

It seems strange that sleeping should be a problem during lockdown but it’s an issue that many people reported the first time around. The problem with this is that it leads to further mental health issues for you. That’s why it’s important to try and put in place sleeping habits and routines that’ll enable you to sleep through the night and feel completely awake and refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

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Experiment with Fashion Because Why Not?

Just because you’re not going out as much as you normally would be, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fashion and style yourself creatively each day. In fact, you could use this time as a period of experimentation. Try new things with your wardrobe that you maybe wouldn’t try at other times. Whether that means heading to this website and finding yourself a new pair of glasses or browsing for clothing items you wouldn’t normally try; give it a go.

Bring a Touch of Nature Into the Home

Many people find that by bringing a little nature into the home, they’re able to deal with spending so much additional time inside a little better. So it might be something that you want to try out this time too. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to bring these elements into your home, and it can be done via adding houseplants or simply keeping your home stocked up with fresh flowers if you prefer.

Start a Project That’ll Sustain You

Keeping your mind and body occupied throughout the lockdown is always one of the biggest challenges of all. If you’re thinking about ways to ask that, you might want to consider a project that’ll keep you occupied until all of this is over. Of course, there’s no right or wrong project to undertake. It all depends on what you prefer to undertake. It might involve learning a new skill or it might simply be something you like the idea of. 

Find Ways to be Active

As you deal with all the challenges that come with lockdown, one of the things you’ll want to do plenty of is physical activity. The gyms might be closed in your area and team sports forbidden, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get active. There are so many ways of getting fit at home, so invest in a yoga mat and start working out from the comfort of your own living room. Doing so will help you stay on top of your mental health and in peak physical condition.

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Enjoy Screen Time

There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to enjoy your screen time during lock down. In fact, it’s one of the things that can keep you entertained and keep you going. If you’ve not delved into that latest series that everyone is talking about, maybe now gives you the chance to do exactly that. The chance to escape to another world and lose yourself in it could be exactly what you’re looking for at the moment. 

But Spend Time Outdoors Too

At the same time, you don’t want to get too lost in your screen time. Try to balance that out with spending some time outdoors too. Of course, this should be done in accordance with whatever rules are in place in your local area. But at the very least, we are all allowed to take a stroll in our local vicinity, and even that can be hugely beneficial when you’re spending a lot of time between your own four walls. Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can because it’ll be a welcome escape from the home.

Try to Maintain a Positive Atmosphere in the Home

Things can be tough and stressful during lockdown, sometimes even more so when you’re sharing your living space with another person. But it’s important to try and maintain a positive atmosphere in your home as far as you possibly can. When there are struggles, try to resolve them quickly because leaving problems hanging in the air never helps your lockdown spirits, that’s for sure. It can be tough and there are no easy answers, but it can be done.

Check in on Friends and Engage

Just because you’re not allowed to physically meet up with friends, that doesn’t mean you can’t engage with them and interact with them directly by checking in and making sure they’re okay. Engage with people and stay social because doing so will help you maintain a better balance within your own social life and that’s key.

Each of the things we’ve talked about here will help you to get more out of your time in lockdown and, hopefully, help you to keep those lockdown blues at pay. It’s going to be tough but we’re already starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s important to keep the faith and stay strong.

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