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JR Decal Christmas Picture Frame Review

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Hey Owlets,

In case you’ve not been following my new home journey, I rented my first home over the summer and it’s fair to say I’ve been taking the slow route with decorating. When I first moved in we were lucky enough to have been given a lot of our furniture, I got some second hand on Facebook or eBay and the rest I got in sales. To be honest, after getting all of our furniture sorted there wasn’t a lot of room in the budget for decorations and finishing touches so that’s been much more of a slow burn, and just as we were getting there with day to day decorations Christmas has arrived and we need to find decorations for that too.

I’ve written a post before about decorating for Christmas when I lived with my parents. I loved getting ready for Christmas in my family home because it felt so special - they have a fireplace and every year I tape fairy lights around it and layer handmade felt icicles on top so it looks like they’re glowing. It’s so cosy and I honestly didn’t know how I was going to top that, so I’ve gone with a slightly different theme. Our new home is quite modern so while I want it to be really festive, I’ve gone down the route of small festive touches and swapping out the artwork to add more subtle hints of Christmas. I’ll show you my full Christmas decorations in another post, but for now I wanted to share my thoughts about one of the companies I’ve ordered from - JR Decal.

This year I’ve really made a conscious effort to shop away from places like eBay or Amazon, but with that comes the worry of being scammed so having found JR Decal on another blogger’s website I was pleased to see they were listed on Trustpilot with a great score. I’m not allowed to put decals on the wall because we’re renting (which is a shame because that’s what caught my attention first) but they also had a range of framed prints which I loved. The only problem with shopping for home decor around this time of year is that I get very easily distracted, so of course I ordered a Christmas print!

I can’t lie, the price both put me off and drew me in - I think when something is really affordable you automatically question the quality, but at the same time you want to try it because if it’s great you’ve saved a lot of money and if not then you haven’t lost much. I chose the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” print with a frame for £16.99 and free postage which, given what I’d seen on other sites, was amazing value! The prints are all offered in 3 sizes (A5, A4 and A3) so you can find something that perfectly fits your space. What I couldn’t believe is that within the Christmas collection were customisable prints, and they were the same price as the standard artworks. If you’re looking for a slightly different Christmas present this year, then JR Decal is a good shout for somewhere to buy a personalised gift without the usual hefty price tag.

JR Decal Christmas Picture Frame Review

My parcel arrived within 48 hours of ordering which I really didn’t expect. It was well packaged too, which I always worry about when ordering something breakable online. When I opened the box I was surprised to find that the print and frame had come separately, but if I’m honest I’m not really sure why I thought it would come already in the frame because the only other time that I’ve ordered prints online the frames were also sold separately and I had to assemble it myself, and they were much more expensive. Either way, it only takes 2 minutes so I really don’t mind!

The image itself was printed on good quality photo paper so it will last being on the wall without fading from the sun. In all honesty the text wasn’t printed entirely straight but it was very slight and there was a little wiggle room in the frame so by the time I’d assembled it you couldn’t tell. The photo frame itself is also great quality - it feels very sturdy and well made so I don’t mind having the print on our dining table, even with how clumsy I am!!

Overall, I do have to recommend JR Decal in terms of their print offerings. There are a lot of print sellers available online but most of the time they’re prohibitively expensive so it’s a breath of fresh air to find somewhere more affordable that still offers great quality products. I’ve always decorated at Christmas but never swapped out the decor because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I do smile every time I see the print so it’s clearly worth the effort and expense! The framed print is currently on our dining table in the lounge as the first piece of Christmas decor that I’ve managed to sneak into our home, along with some mini Christmas trees that I insisted were for festive blog flatlays…I’m determined to inject some festive cheer into our flat as early as possible!! My festive print from JR Decal is the first decoration of many.

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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