Three Simple Ways to Make More Space at Home

Three Simple Ways to Make More Space at Home
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Unless you live in a never-ending mansion, there’s bound to be a time when you wish you had more space at home. Short of building an extension, you can’t push back the bricks and mortar, but there are ways to control your living space so your possessions don’t completely take over.

Find Alternative Storage Solutions

When cupboards and closets are full of things you don’t use, it’s time for a bit of a rethink. The same goes for the shed or garage. How often are you put off starting a project because you can’t face digging through piles of stuff to reach the tools you need?

These are prime instances when self storage really can come to the rescue. People are finding all sorts of creative ways to make more space at home by using a storage unit for the overflow.

Really smart storage users rotate the possessions they keep in store, so the stuff at home is always seasonal and in use:

  • Keep your summer furniture and garden toys in self storage over winter. Those things will stay pristine for longer, extending their life, and keep your garden looking good and ready for spring.

  • Install free standing hanging rails in your storage room, or bring in a spare closet to hold seasonal clothes and footwear.

  • Save children’s toys and games that are still in good condition but that have fallen out of favour. When they’ve been out of sight for a few months, they’ll feel new again. And if they don’t, you could hand them down to younger siblings.

Other uses include keeping heirlooms and precious items like wedding dresses and baby photos or christening gowns safe from damage but out of the way. Self storage is also great for treasured inherited furniture that you love but have no space for at home.

Three Simple Ways to Make More Space at Home

Use Nooks and Crannies and Hidden Spaces

Even the smallest homes have a few spaces that could work a bit harder for storage.

Are you, for instance, making full use of walls? The vertical spaces often get overlooked, but shelves don’t take up floor space, so they don’t make a room feel cramped. Being fashionable now, there is a huge range of styles to suit any kind of decor.

In the kitchen, investigate the space underneath the cupboards. If it’s clean and dry, there’s loads of room down there for baking trays, mops and brooms, stackable board games or jigsaw puzzles, even racquet's or bats.

Maximise Decor Tricks and Home Furnishings

Sometimes, just getting things organised creates the illusion of having more space. Other times, deliberately incorporating more storage is the best solution.

  • Swap standard end tables for ones with shelves or drawers. Great for hiding little things like cables and chargers that tend to lie around and make the place look cluttered.

  • When you replace beds, go for ones with storage such as divans or ottoman styles.

  • Use baskets, tubs or chests and boxes to hold hobby or craft items. 

  • Small changes like having a plastic tub for all the dog toys can make a huge difference to how tidy a room feels.

  • Organise drawers so you can fit more in and find things easily. Even small changes like folding or rolling socks together instead of balling them, or using a cutlery tray to organise your makeup, are surprisingly satisfying and emotionally freeing.

  • If you can, have living room furniture that’s on legs rather sitting flat on the floor. This style offers fewer shadows and lets light move around the room, so the area feels airier and more spacious.

It’s a tough call to be totally organised at home all the time but being smart with storage so you’ve got a place for everything makes it a little bit easier.

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