How to Go Beyond the Standard Birthday Party Ideas

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Birthdays are a magical time where people can have any day they want, can ask for anything, and it's encouraged because it's their special day.  We use these days to celebrate and cheer what we've done in our pasts, all of our beautiful memories and accomplishments- and to have hope for what we can have in our futures.  Unfortunately, birthdays have become a little one-note in recent years, turning people’s celebrations of life into parties that drag on for too long and offer little excitement besides dancing and cake.

If you want some fresh birthday ideas built to thrill and don't mind thinking outside of the box: here are four things you can do to boost any party!

Don’t Just Theme- Lean Into It

Having an under the sea theme is fine and all, but wouldn't it be more fun for a boat party or a scuba diving party?  Try to lean into your party theme and bring out some bright ideas.  You can create a drink and drawing class, without cramming into a weird tiny studio, by setting one up by yourself!  Lean into it, hang up a tarp or white sheet, use a projector to screen episodes of Bob Ross, or any other art class you might light and hand out art supplies.  Give out rewards for 'best art,' 'funniest art,' and 'best attempt' at the end to keep things lively.

Create An Experience

Don't let people leave without giving them something that's changed their lives.  Like the painting one I mentioned, learning parties can be a great way to do this, but there are other options!  Hiring in entertainers and searching for bands or 'impersonators near me' is a fantastic way to find your area's talent.  Look for talented people who can match your party's theme or offer an experience the birthday person would love.  There are entertainers available for everything from fire dancing to kabuki theater; try not to stray too far from what the party's about.  If you find a fantastic performer or group, you could theme your party around what they can do, like a Circ Du Soleil themed party with live contortionists and trapeze artists.   

Plan Ahead

The best moment to start planning for someone’s next birthday party is around six months out.  At this point, you can get the best bands booked, fantastic caterers, and any custom printing or design work you could need.  Instead of waiting a month or two out, take the initiative, you know the birthday person deserves and give them your full attention.  At six months out, you can ask questions about what they want or like without them being as suspicious as they'd be the month of.  You can also have more conversations with people in their life about what they think they'd enjoy.

The best part of a party is getting to have fun with it!  Do and plan things to keep the guests and birthday person thrilled and not get too serious about it.  After all, if things don't work out, there's always next year!

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