The best street performance in New York

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If you live in New York City, you can bear me witness that the city is filled with talented street artists and performers of all sorts. But if you are coming to New York from abroad and for the first time, you may not have witnessed whatever we are talking about here.
As you plan to go to New York, you could be having a craving for witnessing amateur and professional street artists and performers showcasing what they are best at. But where will you see them? Are they found in every corner of the city? Well, we understand that you could be having very many burning questions in your head, and that's why we are here to offer you some help.
So, without wasting too much time, let's tell you of the best street performances, you are likely to witness when you go to New York.

Best Street Performance You May See In New York

1. Central Park SummerStage
Do you want to witness one of the unique outdoor concerts in New York City? If this is your case, consider Central Park SummerStage - it's popular for its great vibes and some fantastic tunes.
The atmosphere is just perfect for outdoor concerts. Grab some ice cream, hot dogs, tacos, pizza, etc. Have fun as you witness all that's offered here.
You will encounter amateur bands as well as experienced bands performing in front of a cheering crowd. You kids will love the most if you bring them to Central Park SummerStage. Here they are likely to witness acrobats doing what they are best in. The good thing with Central Park SummerStage is that nobody will demand any entry fee from you. You have no reason to miss some moments of fun here!

2. Times Square
Another place you can go to and witness some of the most fantastic street performances in Times Square. It does not matter when you decide to visit - maybe amid summer or winter - be sure that you will encounter some fantastic talents here. Ask those who have been to Times Square before, and they will testify it to you - there is no other better place to entertain your kids if not in Times Squares.
They will enjoy seeing "Spiderman" in the centre of the plaza with whom they can capture pictures (bring a camera for this purpose). Douglas C. Williams, the Spiderman in the centre of the plaza, will give your young ones an everlasting memory.
Another known street performance by the name Robert John Burck - popularly referred to as "the Naked Cowboy," will crack your ribs with laughter.
There are countless street performances that you can witness here, so make sure you have enough time to see all.
Be confident that there will always be some artists and street performers to entertain you as long as the weather is fine for outdoor.

3. The Mall in Central Park
If you want to witness as many street performers as possible, then find your way to the Mall in Central Park. You are likely to catch break dancers, comedians, Mariachi bands, violinists, and some jokers in the warmer months.
Be ready to pay some few dollars (at utmost $5 per person). The Mall is functional from 7.00 pm to 12.00 pm on Fridays and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm on Saturdays. Please spare some time to visit the Mall as it offers more than you can exhaust. You will see dancers, songwriters/singers, comedians, poets, authors, etc.

4. Rumsey Playfield
This allegedly the mother of New York Summer stage - a hundred thousand individuals flock year to rock out torock/pop/international concerts throughout summer. If you haven't been here before with your family, friends, and relatives, now is the best time to do so.
Make sure you get a schedule of the events and arrive in good time. If you come late, you will not secure a spot to sit comfortably as you witness some fun. All the shows you will find here are amazing - it would be wise to come up with a camera. Record the events as they never repeat - every day, you will meet something new.

5. The El Museo Del Barrio
El Museo Del Barrio will keep entertained with a free concert on Thursdays and Saturdays. Here you will enjoy meeting fantastic storytellers, live shows, art-making, dancers, etc. Enjoy free admission if you visit every 3rd Saturday of the month. 3rd Saturday and Thursdays are the best moments to see if you are operating on a tight budget.

6. The Bitter End
The Bitter End, usually opened daily from 7.PM, is yet another place you can pop in and witness some magnificent street performances in New York. To get an entry ticket, you will be required to pay between $7 and $10.

Several performers started their journey here. For instance, Joan Baez, The Spin Doctor, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Hall, Oates, etc. Other than these famous artists, the venue also features students and other upcoming artists in New York. If you are lucky to come here between the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, you will have fun at the "Sunday Night Open Jam Session." You can imagine missing those fantastic moments here.

The "Sunday Night Jam Session" is only meant for legal age individuals - if you have kids, kindly allow them to sleep as you attend the fun. They can always visit in the daytime when family-friendly concerts go live. Like the case with other street performances on this list, this one will give you an experience you will never forget. For that reason, bring a camera and capture those exciting moments.

People in New York are generally talented. This can be seen as you move from one street to the other. You will likely find groups of people watching acrobats, dancers, poets, joke crackers, etc. If you feel overwhelmed in the city, take a break and look for a place where you can watch the street performance. They offer a great way to forget your life stress and to relax your mind. If you are looking to tour New York now, consult with Cathay Pacific. They know more regarding everything you need in New York, and their travel advisors will help make reasonable decisions.

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