How To Throw an End of Summer Party

Winter nights are just around the corner and a lot of us have not had time to fully celebrate and enjoy summer with the world’s current events. Which means it’s the perfect time to throw an end of summer party with your loved ones. Summer get-togethers are always the best as there are so many more things you can do when you can throw a party outside as well as inside. Here’s how to throw the best end of summer party. 

Party Gifts

Start off by getting your guests a little goodie bag of party gifts that they might need on the night. This works better if you have got a theme for your end of summer party. You can do anything from a Murder Mystery to a Casino Night, it’s your party your ideas! Pinterest would be a great place to find the perfect party theme. Maybe your friends are foodies in which case you could do a chocolate making party and you can't go wrong with personalised chocolate gifts.

Party Food

Depending on the theme of your party you can go all out with a 3-course meal or have the buffet of their dreams. I’m sure by now everyone and their nan has seen the antipasto platters where people set up the most beautiful display of food that you will ever see. It’ll take a lot of time but the visuals of these are so totally worth it. There are still a few local places where you can buy these pre-done but you can really go to town on creating your own.


It’s time to whip out the summer flavours, cocktail umbrellas and Tikki mugs. Summer cocktails are always the best as you can add all the fruit garnishes and even make frozen cocktails depending on the weather. There’s nothing better than a frozen daiquiri when the sun is out and you’re surrounded by friends. 

Main Event

Just about everyone has either picked up a hot tub this year or a BBQ, you can call this the main event! With a hot tub you can warm up after the temperature dips on a summer night or during the heat of the sun, turn it into a cool tub with some cold water and turn the temp down. Obviously, a BBQ is the must-have summer essential, what is summer with a BBQ Burger and homemade kebab? 

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