Graduation Invitations with Basic Invite

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There are always times in your life that you want to go all out and celebrate, and even though there’s a tendency to want to do everything yourself, sometimes you do need a little help to make things in real life match the image in your head, like with college graduation invitations. When you've worked hard for so long, graduation can easily feel as stressful as the exams you took, with the need for everything to look perfect.

Basic Invite offer a huge range of designs that allow you to customise even the smallest detail so you can create your perfect college graduation party invitations. When you go onto their website you'll be offered an incredible variety of different templates (there's nearly 200 invitation templates alone!). All you have to do is find the design you love and customise it with your own information and colour scheme.

They're one of only a few websites that allow you to choose an infinite number of colour combinations and they have over 180 colours for you to choose from as well as 40 different envelope colours so you can match your college graduation invitations perfectly with your colour scheme. If you're not sure what colours you want to choose for your graduation invitations then try using your favourite colours, the colours of your college, or match your invitation to the colours of your graduation outfit.

Once you've decided on your design and colour scheme Basic Invite offer instant online previews of your design so you can decide if you're happy or keep tweaking until your invitation is perfect. Before you order your invitations, make sure you take advantage of their physical sample service. You can order a printed sample of your invitation so you can make sure you still like the colours off-screen as well as getting to feel the paper quality first hand, rather than risking feeling disappointed when a whole box of invitations arrives and they're not as you hoped.

After the day of your graduation, remember to take time to thank your guests for taking the time to share your special day with you - Basic Invite also have a huge range of thank you graduation cards to help you. Whatever you need, Basic Invite have the perfect template to help you get ready to celebrate your special day with the people that matter to you most.

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