8 Questions To Ask About Solid Wood Flooring

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8 Questions To Ask About Solid Wood Flooring When Buying
Are you considering solid wood flooring for your place? Excellent choice.
However, you may know more about it before buying as there are many things
that may confuse you. For your help, we have compiled 8 important questions you
must ask before buying solid wood flooring. Let’s start!
1. Which wood specie should be perfect for me?
The solid wood floors come in different types and sizes.
The specie of the wood selection depends on what
kind of floor you need; solid one or just fine one.
If you need a powerful, thick and solid floor the wood should
be from a specie that is known for durability.
However, this will affect the cost of your wood flooring.
2. What wood flooring is good for pets?
The homeowners need to ask this question when they for buying solid wood flooring.
The shop owners will guide you better. If you have pets at home, this question becomes even
more important as pets can damage it, cause scratch and poo as well.
3. Should I hire professionals to install solid wood flooring?
It is up to the home owners. Wood flooring installation is not easy and it can
be hectic if you do it yourself. Rather, choosing a professional service
will be a better option as it lets you get the quality finishing,
smooth look and it also increase the life of your floor.
However, hiring professionals for wood flooring installation can be expensive.
Never ignore the cost factor.
4. What width of planks is suitable for me?
Experts believe floors with wide and thin planks work fine.
However, it is dependent on the use. If you have a home floor that is not
used too often, you should not worry about thickness. In the other case, thick should be a focus.
5. How can I keep my solid wood flooring look like the new?
There are some chemicals that you can use to clean the floor and
make it look like the new one. You should take regular care of the floor, avoid damages,
scars and prevent kids from causing scratches. The better and more care you take,
the longer the wood floor will live.
6. How should I prevent fading of color in solid wood flooring?
With time, the solid wood flooring becomes older. This is natural if you see color change.
However, choosing wood of good quality will not have changed colors.
You can take better care of the floor, prevent damages, scars and spots.
Clean the floor not too often to avoid such things.
7. Is there any effect of climate on solid wood flooring?
Yes, the climate has some effects on the solid wood flooring.
Areas where weather remain cold has more moisture as compared to the dry areas.
In such areas, the wood flooring cannot be a good option as the moisture will
damage the wood and reduce its life.
8. Is solid wood flooring more reliable and better than other flooring?

This is probably the best option in modern days.
A lot of people are using solid wood flooring and its use has increased in the recent past.
They are durable, cost efficient and make the floor look like new and elegant.

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