Starting My Fitness Journey

Plus size fitness weight loss journey

Hey Owlets,

We're talking about something a bit different today, and something that I NEVER thought I'd have an interest in. If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram you'll probably already know, but last week I decided I wanted to get fitter and lose a bit of weight, and being that I spend most of my time telling you how to love yourself as you are, I wanted to explain why I'm seemingly contradicting my own mission statement.

I've put on weight in the last two years, like a lot of it. I think when you're not happy you tend to not look after yourself, so you eat rubbish and you're not going out much so you don't burn off the calories.  It feels like it was years ago now, but last summer I was really unhappy so I did exactly that. In October my parents took me on a cruise with them, but because I was nervous I still wasn't burning the calories off because I was following my parents around rather than being my usual active self, and eating whatever you want (not to mention the amount of calories in one cocktail, ouch!),  I came back from the holiday looking like someone had stuck a bicycle pump in me and I'd been inflated a bit.

royal caribbean independence of the seas cruise ship
The last day of the cruise last year, and my jeans are definitely tighter in this photo!
The cruise fixed my mental state but unfortunately the damage was done, and I was two sizes bigger than I used to be. I can kind of ignore looking bigger in the mirror, but for me quantifiable measurements that prove I've put on weight destroy my confidence and when, a few weeks ago, I realised the dress I wore to ascot in 2016 no longer fit, I was crushed.

For me, my fitness journey started with just watching what I eat and actually reading the labels (that was absolutely terrifying - you'd be surprised how much sugar and fat is in something seemingly healthy), and from that I went down one size.

Going down one dress size gave me such a mental boost that I wanted to make more of an effort, so here we are at the start of getting fit. My main goals are that I want to fit back into my Ascot dress, so I effectively want to be the same size as I was two years ago, and I want to be able to run up a flight of stairs without actually dying when I get to the top.

royal ascot berkshire plus size style
Royal Ascot, 2016
As plus size girls I think a lot of the time we feel like we're going to be judged if we go to a gym, and I'm no exception. I know I would feel too uncomfortable to go to a gym, especially because I know a lot of people in the local area so I'd be guaranteed to meet someone I know on most gym trips, so I decided I was going to work out at home. My second mission in my two-pronged attack was sorting out what I eat.

So now to actually get to it - I've downloaded an app on my phone that gives you workouts to do, I've downloaded a food diary app that rates each ingredient with a smiley face so it's easy to know what's good for me, and I'm planning to exercise at least three days a week.

One thing I do want to address is how body confidence and weight loss goes together- I feel like a lot of the time if you talk about losing weight then you're a hypocrite because you're a plus size blogger so should only be happy at the size you are. To clarify, I'm happy with how I look now, I was happy with how I looked before I started controlling my diet and I will also be happy when I've lost weight. Equally it's okay to not be happy with yourself and want to lose some weight - it's not a contradiction.

Plus size fitness weight loss journey

I realise this is a bit different to my usual style post, but I see so many of you saying you want to lose weight but you're not confident enough to sign up to a gym, so I wanted to inspire you to try working out at home and explain my story.

Let me know if you'd be interested in hearing more about fitness as I progress - I don't want to do transformation photos as I don't think it's healthy to compare yourself to others, but if you want recipes, fitness app recommendations or anything else then let me know and I'll definitely do that.

Have you got any tips for getting healthy? Please let me know in the comments!

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 
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