Thursday, 26 July 2018

UK Swimwear: The Skirtini

The Following is a Paid Advertorial from UK Swimwear:

Skirtini – The Most Interesting Swimwear Out There
Why you need to try out the Skirtini today!
Swim dresses, also known as skirted swimsuits, are the fastest growing sector of the swimwear and beachwear industries. This garment is essentially a conventional swimsuit with a miniature decorative skirt fitted into the design.
UK Swimwear Skirtini Plus Size Swimwear
According to UK Swimwear, the bestselling brand in their range is Gottex. This is also one of the few brands with a wide range of skirted swimsuits, swimsuits and bikinis.

In the year 2017, the third bestselling Gottex design was a swim dress. Their range has only three or four swim dresses out of a variety of several hundred designs, meaning these are disproportionately popular.

Measuring outside of Gottex and a handful of other fashion houses is difficult, as so few brands design this type of swimwear. However, inside those that do, a similar trend is emerging.

The agency that sells Gottex in the UK also confirmed for UK Swimwear that that range was expanding due to popularity, but interesting because it is popular in the US and less so in the UK. In particular, the skirted tankini is the most popular; however, the swim dress is the fastest growing and will soon outsell all other types of swimwear that are not swimsuits and bikinis.
The reason for the popularity is simply that swim dresses are very flattering and very eye catching at the same time. Some of the swim dresses that have longer skirts are very flattering for curvy women and can cover up blemishes too. Alternatively, if you are wearing them for style reasons, the little skirt can grab your attention as you walk, and this is always a favourite attribute with customers.