Friday, 25 August 2017

Summer Outfit Favourites: My Top 3

Thornbury Castle 21st Birthday Celebration Afternoon Tea Plus Size Summer Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Hey Owlets,

I can't believe it's nearly September! I feel like every year someone pipes up and says "This year has gone so fast" but this time it's me saying that. I honestly don't know where the time has gone - it still feels like we're in July but instead we've already had the balloon fiesta, my birthday is long gone, I've graduated uni and everyone is harping on about how excited they are for Autumn. To be honest I absolutely love summer so I intend to hold on for it as long as possible, and what better to way than to look at all of the outfits you're sick of seeing on my social media? I think it's pretty evident that I had a few favourite pieces this season, so I thought it might be nice to have a run through my summer style.

London Regents Park Baker Street Travelling Summer Outfit Plus Size Fashion Inspiration

We'll start with the most obvious one, because I was getting to the point that every time I posted a photo wearing this outfit I was fully expecting someone to comment saying "Oh for goodness sake - not again!" and to be honest I wouldn't blame you.

I was sent this top by Wolf & Whistle and was originally a little disappointed - the cut was boxy and just didn't sit right on curves but it looked so good with a jacket that I started wearing it all the time. I won't lie - they sent me the first one but I've since ordered backups in the W&W Sale.

For all the time I've spent laughing at ripped jeans memes, I caved and now absolutely love them! In fact I actually own several pairs but these from Yours Clothing are one of my favourites because of the embroidery down the side of the hips. The only thing I'm not sure about is the "Mom Jean" style cut because I feel like it makes me look a bit short - let me know what you think.

I was actually sent this coat for my 21st Birthday from a brand called Navabi and it's beautiful. It's become one of my most worn pieces, but if you were buying this for yourself I wouldn't recommend it. This coat retails for almost £200 and the first time I wore it the clasp fell off which I was absolutely gutted about. I know it can be sewn back on when you pay that much for a coat you really don't expect that to happen, but I still love it.

SS Great Britain Summer Launch Party Plus Size Summer Fashion Outfit Inspiration

My next outfit favourite is a much more affordable one! I want to do a whole post on this, but supermarket clothing is so underrated - especially for plus size women on the smaller side because most supermarkets go up to a size 22/24. I found this blue floral off the shoulder top in Tesco and fell in love. It's such an easy top to wear - one that you don't need to accessorise. The only pain is that it creases so easily that it looks a mess after 10 minutes sitting down and the only way to get the creases out is to rewash it or spend ages ironing; they don't just drop out like with most other clothes. 

This pink jacket was also a supermarket bargain, this time from George at Asda which is one of my all time favourite places to shop! I've wanted a pink coat for ages, so when I saw the bows and bell sleeves I absolutely had to have it - I love how the extra details make it look more high end. I paired this with my trusty rose gold Michael Kors bag, M&S blue jeans and Converses. Although to be honest I wear everything with blue jeans and Converses so that's nothing new.

Cheltenham Montpellier Travelling Sunshine Summer Plus Size Fashion Outfit Inspiration

My third outfit favourite is kind of a combination of high street and supermarket. I saw a study recently saying that the average woman wears 5 outfits on rotation but has a full closet, which inspired inspired to shop my wardrobe. This shirt dress came from Tesco probably two years ago but I never had the confidence to wear it so it still had the tag on. I forced myself to style it and it's become one of my favourite pieces.

I pair my Tesco shirt dress with a plain white vest top from Primark, and some more ripped jeans that I'd sworn I wouldn't like. These ones came from a care package that the lovely Charlee from Yours Clothing sent me, and I've worn them pretty much every week since!

Bristol Harbour Festival Plus Size Summer Fashion Outfit Inspiration

I hope you enjoyed coming for a look through my favourite outfits of the season with me. I might not be one of those bloggers that's wishing for the long summer nights to end and the leaves to turn red, but that hasn't stopped me shopping for the cold days ahead. Let me know if you'd like to see an Autumn look book and I'll see what I can do!

What's been your go to piece this summer? 

Love and Feathers, 
 The Owlet 💜 

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