Friday, 7 July 2017

5 Ways To Hack Your Hair

How To get Good Looking Hair with John Freida Hacks and Tips

Hey Owlets,

I will never understand how bloggers turn up to events looking like they’ve had an entire backstage team hiding in their bathroom. I, if you couldn’t tell, am not one of those bloggers. I bought my first curling iron the night before the Blog Awards because my hair stylist bailed on me, and I think it took me about three hours to get ready (I already had my makeup done so that was just my hair!). I’m getting better now but I thought it might be nice to share some hair hacks that I’ve found since I’ve started paying more attention to it.

Take Care of Your Hair!

None of these tips will work if you don’t take care of your hair first. I used to ignore haircare and then get really annoyed that my hair would never go the way I wanted. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Use an intense conditioner when washing your hair - I wash my hair first then apply Aussie’s 3 minute miracle. By the time I’ve washed my body, exfoliated etc it’s had time to soak in and my hair is soft and smooth, ready to style.

How To get Good Looking Hair with John Freida Hacks and Tips

 Choose Your Products Wisely & Change Them Up

I think a lot of us tend to find a shampoo that we like and stick to it but that could be the worst thing for your hair. I find that my hair gets used to a product and it stops working as well. I like to swap products every few months, and I tend to choose products based on what they claim to offer. I usually go for colour protection or volumising because a lot of my hair fell out during the stress of my final hand in so at the moment it’s really thin. I’ve been trying the John Freida volumising range for about a month now but I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’m not a massive fan of the shampoo and conditioner - it doesn’t clean my hair as well as I would like, and it doesn’t matter how much I rinse it, it always feels like there’s some product left that I can’t get out. I also didn’t think it did much in terms of volumising, which is so sad because I love John Freida but I think maybe it didn’t suit my hair type specifically. I think if you’ve got super fine, short to medium length hair it might work better but for me it didn’t do a lot. However, I now can’t live without the volumising mousse. I put a  10p coin sized amount through my roots and it makes my hair go absolutely massive without being sticky. If you’re going to spend money on anything I would absolutely recommend that. At the moment, my go to shampoo is the Loreal Elvive Colour Protect or Tresemme Colour Protect.

How To get Good Looking Hair with John Freida Hacks and Tips

Learn To Braid

Trust me on this one - if you are useless at styling your own hair, then learn the basic three strand braid. I absolutely love Kayleigh Melissa’s YouTube channel for hair tutorials and she does some really elaborate designs but they’re always based on a braid and if she does anything too complicated you can always take the basic style but create it using three strand braids to make it easier. Adding a simple braid makes everything look more put together- even a simple ponytail is improved with a three strand braid added in on the side. 

How To get Good Looking Hair with John Freida Hacks and Tips

Learn How To Use Your Tools

I am the worst at this. I bought my first ever curling iron in April and I feel like I'm finally getting there with it. I started by wrapping my hair around the barrel but someone told me to use the clip and then turn the curler to wrap my hair around it and this has made doing my hair much easier and it looks better. You can also twist the hair before wrapping it to give the curls a different texture. And if you don’t have curling tongs, you can always curl your hair with a straightener. The thing I’ve learnt is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it, but there are a lot of different methods that produce different effects, and learning a few will help you to look really polished when it counts.

How To get Good Looking Hair with John Freida Hacks and Tips

Don’t Overuse Heat

I know what I’ve just said about using tools, but only try to use heat styling tools for special occasions. I curl my hair when I’m going to something important but otherwise I don’t even use the hairdryer. My hair is naturally quite wavy so I can either leave it like that or brush it every half an hour or so after my shower and it will dry straight. I then apply my beloved Garnier BB Cream or John Frieda Volumising Mousse which calms any frizz or fly aways. I find that avoiding heat means that my hair copes better with it when I do style it, meaning it looks good when it matters.

I hope these tips help you if you’re completely useless with hair like I am! Let me know what your best hair hack is in the comments below. Also thank you to John Frieda for helping me on this blog post!

Love and Feathers, 
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